Simulation configurations and dataset resulted from some studies on the resilience of delay-tolerant network protocols to standard attacks
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Simulation configurations used for studying the resilience of delay-tolerant network (DTN) protocols to standard attacks.


  • D. Bucur, G. Iacca, M. Gaudesi, G. Squillero, A. Tonda, Optimizing groups of colluding strong attackers in mobile urban communication networks with evolutionary algorithms, Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier, Volume 40, Pages 416-426, March 2016 bib
  • D. Bucur, G. Iacca, G. Squillero, A. Tonda, Black Holes and Revelations: Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Uncover Vulnerabilities in Disruption-Tolerant Networks, Proc. of EvoApps, LNCS, Springer, Copenaghen, March 2015 bib


Install and run

  • Copy the wkt files from the maps folder to the folder THE_ONE/data
  • Edit the script: 1) Set THE_ONE folder according to your installation folder. 2) Choose CITY (manhattan, venice, sanfrancisco) and CONFIGURATION_FILE. The latter is The ONE template file, used to choose the network protocol. To select a protocol, replace its name occurrences in CONFIGURATION_FILE (e.g. in sanfrancisco-E-0.txt replace "Epidemic" with FirstContact"). If The ONE template configuration is renamed (e.g. from sanfrancisco-E-0.txt to sanfrancisco-FC-0.txt) this should also reflect into (e.g. replace $CITY-E-0 with $CITY-FC-0).
  • Run ugp3 from the experiment folder (with/without Group Evolution)


  • E: Epidemic
  • FC: FirstContact
  • SW: SprayAndWait
  • GE: Group Evolution