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Making Django configuration more 12factor-y
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What is it?

Django is an awesome Python web framework.

"The Twelve-Factor App" is an awesome methodology for building SaaS apps.

django-12factor makes Django more 12factor-y. Right now, this focuses on the Config - "Store config in the environment"; Heroku users with addons will be particularly familiar with this.

Still not sure of the benefits? Check out "Twelve-Factor Config: Misunderstandings and Advice".



django12factor is licensed under the terms of the MIT License (see License).

django12factor includes copies of Python's captured_output, captured_stdout and captured_stderr context managers, which are licensed under the terms of the PSF LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR PYTHON.


Originally written by Kristian Glass / @doismellburning, now maintained by the wonderful Jonas Maurus / @jdelic

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