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Merge pull request #53 from tricknotes/link-to-browser-extensions

Fix link to browser extensions
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commit eefcfa283407fcbdcad1ee8ad826f1a6a876adfa 2 parents 8b6afea + a9914d4
Kirill Lashuk KL-7 authored
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ permalink: docs/
* <a href="/docs/user/status-images/">Status images</a>
* <a href="/docs/user/resources/">Resources</a>
* <a href="/docs/user/ci-environment/">CI environment</a>
-* <a href="/docs/user/extensions/">Extensions</a>
+* <a href="/docs/user/browser-extensions/">Browser Extensions</a>
* <a href="/docs/user/how-to-skip-a-build/">How to skip a build</a>
* <a href="/docs/user/how-to-setup-and-trigger-the-hook-manually/">How to setup and trigger the hook manually</a>
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