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Get Slack notifications on AWS CloudWatch events
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  • A valid AWS Account.
  • Any AWS supported browser. ( Chrome / Firefox / Safari etc. )

Generate Slack API Token

  • Go to https://<YOUR_SLACK_TEAM>
  • Enter a name for the bot to post with. (i.e. @aws)
  • Click Add bot integration.
  • Wait until the UI displays the API Token and copy the string (i.e. xxxx-yyyyyyyyyyyy-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).
  • Keep this token for using in the next step.
  • Don't forget to invite your new bot to a channel by @ mentioning it.


  • Hold down the Ctrl button and Click the Launch Stack button to deploy the stack into your account:

  • Paste your API Token in the SlackAPIToken parameter.
  • The bot will publish messages to the channel in the DefaultSlackChannel parameter. The default is aws.
  • Click Next and Confirm all steps until the stack deploys.


  • Open your browser at AWS DynamoDB Console
  • Switch to the Tables tab.
  • Select the awslack.tests table and go to the Items tab.
  • You can add new tests or change/delete existing tests.
  • You can change the slackChannel attribute of each test to another Slack channel.
  • Select the awslack.configs table and go to the Items tab.
  • You can edit the slackAPIToken and set the value to another slack API token.
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