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GCP Instance, Cloud SQL Scheduler & GKE node pools

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In Slavic mythology, Zoryas are two guardian goddesses. The Zoryas represent the morning star and the evening star, — if you have read or watched Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, you will probably remember these sisters).

Install dependencies
  • Note: deployment from Google Cloud Shell fails with an error #25.

pip install -r requirements.txt -t lib

Download and install Yarn.


./ project-id

You need to enable compute engine API ( for the Zorya project/app to work and communicate with compute engine instances.

Access the app

gcloud app browse

WARNING: By default this application is public; ensure you turn on IAP, as follows:

To sign into the app, we are using Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (Cloud IAP). Cloud IAP works by verifying a user’s identity and determining if that user should be allowed to access the application. The setup is as simple as heading over to GCP console, enabling IAP on your GAE app and adding the users who should have access to it.


In order to allow Zorya to manage instances on your behalf in any project under your organization, you will need to create a new entry in your Organization IAM and assign Zorya’s service account with a role of XXXX First, navigate to, then IAM from the menu and then select the name of your project that you deployed zorya in, from the dropdown at the top of the page:

The name of the service account you will need to assign permissions to is as following:<YOUR_PROJECT_ID> and will have been automatically created by Google App Engine. NOTE: this is done under IAM, selecting the account, choosing Permissions and then adding the role Compute Instance Admin (v1) to it; not under Service Accounts.


  • Every hour on the hour a cron job calls /tasks/schedule which loop over all the policies
  • We are checking the desired state vs the previous hour desired state. If they are not the same we will apply the change.

API Documentation

Creating a Schedule

Creating a Policy


Google Cloud Instance Scheduler helping to reduce costs by 60% on average for non-production environments.





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