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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Dec 2, 2020 · 33 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Added support for new DXGI interfaces introduced in Windows 10 version 1809.
  • Added an option to scale the HUD on high-DPI displays. Refer to the README for details. (#771)
  • Changed generated D3D11 shader code to allow drivers to optimize away texture operations in case no texture is bound.
  • Fixed some old D3D9 games crashing on RADV due to invalid shader code.
  • Fixed Vulkan validation errors when the HUD is active.
  • Optimized away redundant render target clears in some games to potentially increase performance.
  • Indirect draw batching can now work with arbitrary strides. This may slightly reduce the draw call count in Trine 4.
  • EverQuest 2 Fixed broken cloth rendering on Nvidia. (#1832)
  • Trine 4: Fixed rendering issues that would occur on some Nvidia GPUs as well as on RADV. (#1816)

Note: Build requirements have changed to MinGW 8.0 since new headers are required for the DXGI changes. Building on older versions will fail with messages about IDXGIFactory7 not being declared. Do not confuse the MinGW version with the GCC version provided by MinGW.

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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Oct 7, 2020 · 66 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a major D3D9 regression that would cause crashes in many games.
  • Fixed D3D9 crashes on AMDVLK due to invalid Vulkan API usage (#1742).
  • Work around stack overflows in some 32-bit D3D9 games.
  • Added workarounds for rendering issues on AMD drivers in some Unity Engine games.
  • Work around Unicode support on Windows being garbage (PR #1761).
  • Log file creation can now be disabled by setting DXVK_LOG_PATH=none, but logs will still be printed to stderr (#1743).
  • Baldur's Gate 3: Fixed crash after character selection screen in D3D11 mode.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Improved stability on recent Nvidia drivers.
  • Just Cause 3: Work around a game bug causing flickering terrain on RADV (#1553).
  • Marvel's Avengers: Fixed spurious crashes due to invalid resource copies.
  • Need for Speed Heat: Fixed some Vulkan validation errors.
  • PGA TOUR 2K21: Fixed Vulkan validation errors and potential crashes.
  • Trails in the Sky SC: Fixed fog rendering (#1771).
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Aug 13, 2020 · 95 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • VK_EXT_4444_formats is now used on supported drivers to resolve potential issues with sampler border colors on Intel hardware.
  • VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state is now used on supported drivers to implement out-of-bounds vertex buffer access behaviour correctly.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Implemented NV12 video format support for D3D9. This should make the GeForce Now app usable with DXVK.
  • Implemented missing shader instruction for D3D9 to fix shadow rendering in a number of games.
  • Anarchy Online: Fixed an out-of-memory error.
  • Metro Exodus: Added missing DXGI entry points required to run the game.
  • Observation: Work around a game bug causing rendering issues on RADV.
  • Resident Evil 7: Disabled relaxedBarriers option again due to rendering issues.
  • Serious Sam 2 and others: Fixed incorrect water reflections.
  • SpellForce 2: Work around black water ripples.
  • Timeshift: Fixed shadows
  • TrackMania: Fixed water and other rendering issues.
  • Work around performance issues in Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (#1719) and Monster Hunter World on AMD and recent Nvidia drivers.
  • Work around Z-fighting issues in Borderlands 3, Halo, Halo CE, Mafia III: Definitive Edition, Terminator: Resistance.

Compatibility notes

VK_EXT_transform_feedback is now a hard requirement for D3D10 and D3D11. This extension is supported by all Nvidia and Mesa drivers released in early 2019 or later, as well as recent AMDVLK releases and the proprietary AMD driver.

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@doitsujin doitsujin released this May 16, 2020 · 199 commits to master since this release

New Vulkan extensions

On supported drivers, the following extensions are now used:

  • VK_EXT_custom_border_color is now used to support for arbitrary sampler border colors, which fixes issues in many Direct3D 9 games including Crysis and Halo 2 Vista (#1612).
  • VK_EXT_robustness2 is used to handle out-of-bounds access to resources the same way as D3D11 does.

Wine 5.8 is needed for winevulkan support, as well as the following drivers:

  • AMD, Intel: Mesa 20.2 (current development version)
  • Nvidia: 440.66.12 (Vulkan developer beta)

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Optimized render target clears and barriers, which may slightly improve GPU-bound performance in a number of games.
  • On drivers that do not support a dedicated transfer queue (primarily RADV), the compute queue will now be used for asynchronous resource uploads in D3D11 games.
  • Implemented some DXGI 1.6 functionality for future versions of World of Warcraft.
  • Reduced memory usage especially in D3D9, which may help with out-of-memory errors in certain games such as Toxikk. Note that this is not a solution for the general 32-bit address space problem (#1318).
  • Fixed Vulkan validation errors in Cloudpunk and other games using buffer resources incorrectly.
  • Fixed build on GCC 10.1 (#1620).
  • Fixed various D3D9 issues.
  • Reworked the dxgi.tearFree option, see PR #1606 for details.
  • Fallout New Vegas: Fixed white pixel artifacts
  • Freelancer: Fixed texturing issues (#1603).
  • GTA IV: Fixed HUD rendering issues (#1608, PR #1626).

Build system changes

Support for winelib builds was dropped, due to maintenance issues and incompatibility with some distributions (see #1584). This makes MinGW a hard requirement for building DXVK.

Please note that mingw-w64-binutils 2.34 currently leads to broken builds; see #1625 for details and a fix for the issue.

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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Apr 20, 2020 · 267 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Configuration options now accept the "..." syntax, e.g. d3d9.customDeviceDesc = "ATi Rage 128" (#1567).
  • Added dxgi.tearFree option to enforce the Mailbox present mode when Vsync is disabled, which should prevent tearing. May not work on all setups.
  • Fixed various issues causing incorrect rendering or crashes in D3D9.
  • Fixed Vulkan validation errors on Nvidia systems.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup script not working on Wine 5.6 due to a winepath regression.
  • Implemented missing DXGI functionality for some SpecialK mods. (#1544)
  • Blue Reflection: Work around game bug causing rendering issues. (#1574)
  • Battlefield 2: Work around a game bug causing black terrain. (#1558)
  • Crysis: Fixed a crash when loading certain levels in D3D9 mode. (#1528)
  • Half-Life Alyx: Fixed incorrect integer division-by-zero handling resulting in distorted geometry.
  • Heavy Rain: Improved performance on Nvidia GPUs. (#1575)
  • L.A. Noire: Fixed crash on startup. #1564
  • Prince of Persia: Fixed incorrect rendering on RADV. (#1537)
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: Work around rendering issues on AMD drivers.
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Mar 20, 2020 · 321 commits to master since this release

D3D10 changes

The D3D10 helper libraries d3d10.dll and d3d10_1.dll are no longer installed by default, as only d3d10core.dll and d3d11.dll are needed for DXVK to support D3D10 (on Windows, dxgi.dll must also be used). This opens up the option to use Wine's implementation of the D3D10 effects framework, which is needed by some games.

Note: This works best on Wine 5.3 or newer. The existing DXVK implementation can still be used, refer to the README for details.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Minor D3D9 performance improvements
  • Apparently fixed a crash when capturing apitrace snapshots (?) (#1511)
  • Fixed a crash in some Source 2 titles using their D3D9 renderer
  • Fixed redundant display mode changes (#1489, #1494)
  • Fixed videos in some games showing a green frame (Joshua-Ashton/d9vk#424)
  • A Hat in Time: Fixed a regression where the output would be badly scaled when changing resolution
  • Dead Space: Fixed black square artifacts (#1484)
  • DoDonPachi Resurrection: Fixed crash on startup (#1508)
  • Dragon's Dogma: Fixed fullscreen issues (#1502)
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando: Implemented missing image formats (#1430)
  • Yomawari: Midnight Shadows: Fixed crash on startup (#1507)
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Feb 29, 2020 · 375 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Implemented some missing D3D9 features
  • Improved D3D9 compatibility with older Intel hardware (#1455)
  • Fixed a regression which caused flickering in some D3D9 titles on Intel ANV (#1451, #1471)
  • Fixed a bug where windows not matching the back buffer in size would produce pixelated output in D3D9 games
  • Fixed a potential GPU hang that could happen if a game uses D3D9 dialog mode (#1330)
  • Fixed crashes and incorrect rendering when using the d3d9.evictManagedOnUnlock option. This is useful for Skyrim with a large number of mods as an alternative to ENBoost.
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour with D3D11 line tessellation.
  • Book of Demons: Fixed white textures and UI issues (#1420)
  • Close Combat: Fixed the UI not rendering (#1434)
  • Cross Racing Championship: Fixed flickering water (#1450)
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil: Fixed flickering fire (#1444)
  • Elite Dangerous: Fixed an issue with the launcher resetting the D3D9 device every frame when multiple monitors are in use (#1408)
  • Evil Genius: Fixed a reference counting bug that would lead to error messages (#1417)
  • F1 2019: Work around a game bug causing rendering issues on RADV.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed: Fixed character models not rendering (#1428)
  • Just Cause 1: Fixed a regression where the game would crash on startup (#1464)
  • Lumino City: Fixed an issue potentially causing GPU hangs (#1462)
  • Saint's Row III / IV: Work around a Z-fighting issue with the D3D11 renderer.
  • Shade Wrath of Angels: Fixed character rendering (Joshua-Ashton/d9vk#295)
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Fixed an endless recursion that could happen in some titles using SetCursorPosition (#1400)
  • Rocket League: Fixed a potential crash with the experimental D3D11 renderer.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines: Improved performance.
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Feb 7, 2020 · 445 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed another regression that affects multiple D3D9 games (#1399)
  • Anno 1701: Fixed incorrect texture filtering near undiscovered map areas (#1412)
  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy: Fixed rendering issues when aiming (#1392)
  • Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone: Fixed textures not showing up (#1409)
  • King's Bounty: Fixed incorrect water rendering (#1387)
  • The Witcher: Fixed clouds not rendering (#1402)
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Jan 30, 2020 · 460 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a potentially critical D3D9 regression introduced in 1.5.2.
  • Fixed some Vulkan validation errors in D3D9 applications
  • Improved GPU-limited D3D9 performance on some drivers, e.g. in A Hat in Time.
  • D3D10 apps will now be recognized as such by the HUD instead of being shown as D3D11.
  • Mafia II: Fixed shadow rendering issues (#1294)
  • Skyrim: Fixed rendering issues caused by broken ENB shaders
  • Torchlight: Fixed rendering issues in the menu (#1378)
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@doitsujin doitsujin released this Jan 25, 2020 · 481 commits to master since this release


Vulkan 1.1 is now required, which means that very old drivers will no longer be able to run DXVK:

  • AMD / Intel: Mesa 17.3 and older
  • Nvidia: 390.xx and older

Additionally, the Vulkan loader installed on the system must support Vulkan 1.1.

Note that having an incompatible driver installed, even alongside more recent versions, may cause Vulkan initialization failure or application crashes on startup. Remove any such drivers when running into issues.

The reason for this change is that the Vulkan 1.0 fallback path was largely untested and did not always work correctly, removing it also allowed for a minor code cleanup.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Implemented some missing D3D9 swap chain functionality to allow various applications to run, including the ATi ToyShop demo, Atelier Sophie (#1341) and Dynasty Warriors 7 (#1361).
  • Various D3D9 bug fixes and minor performance and memory optimizations
  • Added d3d9.forceSwapchainMSAA option to force MSAA on D3D9 swap chain images.
  • Enabled d3d9.deferSurfaceCreation for a large number of D3D11 games in the Atelier series to fix the menu not showing up. Requires the use of both DXVK's D3D11 and D3D9 implementations.
  • Dragon Age Origins: Fixed some Vulkan validation errors
  • Entropia Universe: Added d3d11.invariantPosition option to fix Z-fighting issues on some graphics drivers (#1364)
  • Ferentus/Herrcot/Xiones: Fixed sky rendering as well as a minimap regression (Joshua-Ashton/d9vk#306)
  • Gothic 3: Disabled d3d9.supportDFFormats option to fix shadow rendering (#1367)
  • Tales of Vesperia: Fixed a race condition causing frequent crashes, which was introduced in DXVK 1.4.5.
  • TrackMania United Forever: Fixed unnecessary CPU <> GPU synchronization to improve performance (#1363)
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines: Fixed rendering issues with refractive windows
  • Warriors Orochi 4: Fixed a minor discrepancy in D3D11 query tracking due to a series of game bugs
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