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Dojo 1.x modern themes

While still being maintained, new development is primarily focused on modern Dojo.

Checkout the Dojo framework website or if you want a more detailed technical status and overview, checkout the Dojo roadmap.

Getting Started

  1. Install globally Stylus and GruntJS.
  • npm install -g stylus
  • npm install -g grunt-cli
  1. Run grunt THEME_NAME to compile css and open test application.

Contributing New Themes

For general contributing guidelines see Dojo's Contributing Guildlines.

Adding a new theme:

  1. Create a uniquely named directory, also being the name of the theme.
  2. Add Grunt tasks for the theme to Gruntfile.js.

Helpful information:


Flat Theme

A flat theme for Dojo Dijit, Dojox and dgrid.

This theme is currently in development. Contributions welcome.

Run grunt flat to compile CSS and open Flat Theme's test application for development.

To use Flat Theme right away simply copy the flat directory and its contents to a location in your app, add/import flat.css and add class="flat" to the body tag.