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The Dojo Toolkit core library. Please submit bugs to
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_base Make sure lang.getObject() returns 3rd arg if 1st arg is empty, fixes…
_firebug refs #17778, fix typos in inline docs
cldr fix issue in date formating with CLDR 25. Add test. Fixes #18408.
data refs #17778, fix typos in inline docs
date Cache results of _getGregorianBundle(), fixes #18629
dnd Do not treat touch events as drag events on links.
errors fixes #15819: copy over stack (backtrace) in errors/create
fx stop using dojo/_base/connect, refs #16585 !strict
io Fixed leak in dojo/io/script. !strict refs #16755
nls Add Basque language to dojo core, fixes #18560.
on fixes #18608, allow on/asyncEventListener to work in Android and Node
promise Allow downstream error handling
request fixes #17117, handle falsy in dojo/request/xhr
resources Removing _module.js files which (despite their name) don't describe m…
router Squashed commit of the following:
rpc fixes #13987 #15760, change default rpc timeout to not timeout at all…
selector Avoid dojo/query spuriously throwing internal exceptions, fixes #17515.
store refs #8606, typo in Store.QueryOptions
tests Fix #18637: Prevent aspect.before/after errors after removing handles
testsDOH Add test for has("trident"), refs #17311.
.gitattributes .gitattributes file to normalize line endings
.gitignore Convert tests to intern
.travis.yml More DOH --> Intern test conversion:
AdapterRegistry.js Resolve conflicts with html.js refs #18297, Fix typos in contributing guidelines
Deferred.js Improve handling of progback results
DeferredList.js Mark !DeferredList as deprecated in the API doc, but don't call dojo.…
Evented.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
LICENSE refs #15130. Fixes copyright date for 2015.
NodeList-data.js Don't do an extraneous mixin on the data returned from a single arg c…
NodeList-dom.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
NodeList-fx.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
NodeList-html.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
NodeList-manipulate.js Fix example for text() to be consistent w/actual behavior and functio…
NodeList-traverse.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
NodeList.js trying to fix doc issues around dojo/NodeList, refs #13101 !strict
OpenAjax.js Fix unintended globals and unused variables, thanks Simon, fixes #155… Convert tests to intern
Stateful.js Doc typo
aspect.js Fix #18637: Prevent aspect.before/after errors after removing handles
back.js dijit, dojo, util: fix more dojodoc misformatting, refs #13101 !strict
behavior.js Use domReady() as a function rather than as a plugin, so dependencies…
cache.js Make dojo core module summaries show up in the doc.
colors.js Make dojo core module summaries show up in the doc.
cookie.js Doc only commit. Simplify kwargs definitions and workaround doc parse…
currency.js Doc only commit. Simplify kwargs definitions and workaround doc parse…
date.js refs #17778, fix typos in inline docs
debounce.js fixes #18296, Fix context binding within debounce and throttle
dojo.js Use updated source mapping standard syntax for legacy injection
dojo.profile.js Mark testsDOH as a test resource for the dojo profile
dom-attr.js refs #18288, fix dom-attr return of non boolean when attr doesn't exist
dom-class.js refs #13101, update dojo/dom-class inline examples to use AMD syntax
dom-construct.js refs #18225, dom-construct inline documentation update
dom-form.js fixing more malformed doc, refs #13101 !strict
dom-geometry.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
dom-prop.js Allow first function registered with dom-prop::set to be disconected.
dom-style.js fix dom-style.get for IE11+, fixes #17962
dom.js Do not use -ms-user-select to prevent selection of elements in IE
domReady.js Remove references to globals through `this` in AMD factories
fx.js By adding a destroy() to all animation, and by calling anim.stop() in
gears.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict
has.js Remove references to globals through `this` in AMD factories
hash.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
hccss.js Fail gracefully if there's an error detecting high contrast mode, fix…
html.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
i18n.js Fixes #18497, Reverse the order of locales merging during layer preload.
io-query.js Make dojo core module summaries show up in the doc.
json.js Allow empty strings in strict JSON parsing, fixes #16255 !strict
keys.js fix summary, refs #13101.
loadInit.js simplified dojo/require and dojo/loadInit plugins; fixes #14109; !strict
main.js Updates to how Deferred instrumentation is started
mouse.js fixes #18313, Fix typo in documentation example
node.js Port Node.js loader plugin fixes from d2c
number.js don't match leading/trailing spaces when there is no currency symbol.…
on.js fixes #18314, typos in dojo/on inline examples
package.json refs #18640, add repository field to package.json to make npm not com…
parser.js Fix handling of "${scope}type" property in parser. Fixes #18366.
query.js Resolve conflicts with html.js
ready.js Fix dojo/ready to not blindly make calls to methods that might not ex…
regexp.js escape dash in regexp.escapeString, fixes #17861
request.js refs #13101, clean-up docs
require.js simplified dojo/require and dojo/loadInit plugins; fixes #14109; !strict
robot.js Do mousemove timing in javascript, rather than in java. This is getti…
robotx.js Refactor robot so startRobot() is implemented as an asynchronous test…
router.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict
sniff.js Fixed various issues with sniff on WP 8.1 U1, fixes #18540
string.js re-usable text escaping
tests.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict
text.js Ensure dojo/text does not cause preflight requests
throttle.js Support debounce/throttle events and on.matches
topic.js dojo core: fix api doc formatting, refs #13101 !strict
touch.js Emit synthetic mousedown and mouseup events
uacss.js Add dj_trident CSS flag. Fixes #17927.
when.js Revise conditions under which dojo/when creates a promise; fixes #166…
window.js Fix IE11 test_scroll failures.


dojo is the foundation package of the Dojo Toolkit. Sometimes referred to as the “core”, it contains the most generally applicable sub-packages and modules. The dojo package covers a wide range of functionality like AJAX, DOM manipulation, class-type programming, events, promises, data stores, drag-and-drop and internationalization libraries.


Installation instructions are available at

Getting Started

If you are starting out with Dojo, the following resources are available to you:

License and Copyright

The Dojo Toolkit (including this package) is dual licensed under BSD 3-Clause and AFL. For more information on the license please see the License Information. The Dojo Toolkit is Copyright (c) 2005-2013, The Dojo Foundation. All rights reserved.

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