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Version 1.8
Release date: 06/13/2012
-Project state:
-LightstreamerStore: beta
+Project state: beta
[ ] l18n support?
[ ] a11y support?
-LightstreamerStore: Kris Zyp (
- Tom Trenka (
- Lightstreamer (
+LocalDB, priority, transaction: Kris Zyp (
Project description
DojoX Stores is intended to serve as a place where experimental stores based
-on the APIs can live. At the time of writing, only the
-LightstreamerStore is available, but more stores may be added in the future.
-The LightstreamerStore is a lightweight object store that is intended to be
-used with the Lightstreamer Web Client and the Lightstreamer Server. It allows
-one to connect to a Lightstreamer server and get continuous updates (depending
-on the data adapter and mode used). Because it requires the Lightstreamer
-server, unit tests are not functional here; there is a demonstration of it in
-action (URL to be determined).
-Note, as of Dojo 1.8, the LightstreamerStore should now be downloaded either
-from their GitHub repository, or through CPM. The new version will work with
-Version 5 of their library, which is now fully AMD-compliant.
+on the APIs can live. The following stores are available (as of 1.10):
+* LocalDB - This store provides access to local database functionality in
+the browser, adapting to WebSQL or IndexedDB. In the db folder you will find
+the specific implementations (which can be used directly)
+* priority - This is a store for prioritizing requests
+* transaciton - This is a store that implements transaction support
-The main dependency of the LightstreamerStore is dojo/store/util/QueryResults.
-LightstreamerStore: inline API documentation is included.
-Installation instructions
-Download the Dojo distribution and set up your Lightstreamer instance, and go!
-Additional Notes
-LightstreamerStore: The main place to hook your code to is to define an "observe"
- function on the results from a query; this function will be passed a JSON-like
- object, with which you can do anything you want.

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