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This repository contains example applications built using Dojo.

For current progress on Dojo, contribution guidelines and other information, please visit dojo/meta.


Here is a table of the current examples available in this repository complete with code and a hosted demonstration:

Example Code Demo Overview
todoMVC Link Link A reference implementation of TodoMVC built with current Dojo packages.
todoMVC Kitchen Sink Link Link A feature-rich version of TodoMVC, built Dojo packages.
todoMVC - tsx Link Link A reference implementation of TodoMVC built using tsx, Redux and Dojo packages.
hnpwa Link Link Progressive Web application Hacker News implementation of HNPWA.
Widget Showcase Link Link Show case widgets from @dojo/widgets.
Custom Element Widget Showcase Link Link Demonstrates using @dojo/widgets distributed as compiled custom elements.
Custom Element Menu Link Link Demonstrates custom element usage against standard Dojo widget usage.
RealWorld Application Link Link A realworld implementation of a medium clone, conduit.
Intersection Observer Link Link Demonstrates using the Intersection meta for creating an infinite scrolling list.
Resize Observer Link Link Demonstrates using the Resize meta for creating responsive components that dynamically modify the way they are rendered based on the space available to them.
Dgrid Wrapper Link Link Demonstrates using the Dgrid Wrapper for running dgrid in a reactive way in a modern Dojo app.
World Clock Link Link Demonstrates i18n with Dojo.

How Do I Contribute?

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines and Style Guide.

Installation & Testing

Refer to each README.md for details on installing and testing the examples:

Licensing Information

© 2018 JS Foundation. New BSD license.