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Build Status

This repository contains example applications built using Dojo 2.

For current progress on Dojo 2, contribution guidelines and other information, please visit dojo/meta.

There are currently three examples:

  • todo-mvc - A reference implementation of Todo MVC built in current pre-release versions of Dojo 2 packages.
  • dojo-cli-example - An example of working with Dojo cli

Application examples that are deployed to gh-pages:


Currently, the examples assume you have a version of NodeJS 6 or later installed globally and available on the command line. Also, if you wish to see some of the examples, you will need a local web server installed.

First, clone the repository locally:

> git clone https://github.com/dojo/examples.git

Then change directory to the example you wish to work with and use npm to install the dependencies:

> cd todo-mvc
> npm install

If you don't have Grunt installed globally, you will need to do so:

> npm install -g grunt

To build a version of a web application you can access, the default task for Grunt will do so:

> grunt

Assuming that the root of this repository is available on your local web server under /examples then the application should be available on http://localhost/examples/todo-mvc/_build/src/

Deploying to gh-pages

Assuming that you are working on a clone of the repository on the branch that you would like to deploy (typically master)

This assumes that npm & typings & dojo-cli have been installed for the example applications.


The latest version(s) will now be available here.