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Hacker News Progressive Web Application written to the specifications from


This codebase was created to demonstrate an application built with Dojo.

  • Build Time Rendering: Uses the .dojorc to configure static html and critical CSS injection at build time.
  • Progress Web Application: Uses the .dojorc to configure PWA capabilities such as manifests and service workers.
  • Evergreen builds: Generates application bundles using esmodules targeted for evergreen browser to produce main application bundle less than 20kb gzipped.
  • Lazy Loading (Code Splitting): Automatically code splits for widgets/outlets or containers that are defined in an application registry using the dynamic import syntax.

Getting started

View the Dojo HNPWA

To get the frontend running locally:

  • Clone this repo
  • npm install to install all required dependencies
  • npm run dev to build the application with watch and start a local server (http:localhost:9999)

Local web server will use port 9999.

For a production build of the application:

  • npm run build to build the output into the output/dist directory.

Licensing Information

The Dojo-specific portions of this example are © 2018 JS Foundation. New BSD license.

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