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Dojo TodoMVC Kitchen Sink Example

A feature-rich version of TodoMVC, built with current pre-release versions of Dojo packages.


@dojo/cli must be installed globally:

npm install @dojo/cli -g


To use todo-mvc-kitchensink, clone the examples repository and install the npm dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/dojo/examples
cd examples/todo-mvc-kitchensink
npm install

To run the application simply run the dojo build.

dojo build

To watch and serve the application source, then run the build with the -w command.

dojo build -w -s


This package demonstrates how to build an application using Dojo.

  • Custom widgets using @dojo/widget-core
  • Applying CSS to widgets
  • Overriding CSS with theming.
  • Using @dojo/router
  • Using @dojo/i18n to provide internalization.

How do I contribute?

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines and Style Guide.


To start working with this package, clone the repository and run npm install.

In order to build the project run dojo build.


Test cases MUST be written using Intern using the Object test interface and Assert assertion interface.

You can test TodoMVC locally using the @dojo/cli-test-intern command:

dojo test -a

Licensing Information

© 2018 JS Foundation. New BSD license.