consider about loading in nashorn or rhino? #40

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taoqf commented Jan 25, 2016

i am using nashorn with dojo loader 1.10.4

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kitsonk commented Mar 17, 2016

We should also investigate the state of play of Chakra/Node and see if there are any challenges/impacts to the loader working under that.

Tomdye commented Mar 18, 2016

@taoqf do you have an example of how you are using Nashorn and an amd module loader please?
I'm not very familiar with Nashorn. Did some research / experimenting yesterday and have seen that there are two ways to use it:

  1. via the jjs command line interface
  2. via ScriptEngine engine = new ScriptEngineManager().getEngineByName("nashorn"); within standard java code.

It looks like requireJs operates the first way with r.js enabling rhino / nashorn AMD loading and has separate modules / code for each environment.

# Calling r.js to optimize a project using the build config in build.js
jjs -scripting path/to/r.js -- -o build.js
# Calling r.js to run AMD modules, where the main app program is main.js
jjs -scripting path/to/r.js -- main.js
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@Tomdye @kitsonk Tomdye + kitsonk Add Nashorn support
Closes #40
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taoqf commented Apr 15, 2016 edited

@Tomdye it is same between jjs and java code way.
besides, i do not want use amd in nashorn , and i do not think it a good way except the coding style is much like browser style, like dojo1.x and r.js.
i do not have a good example on github now.
it is just like the example dojo1.x use for nodejs except loading dojo.js using the global function load instead of require

// Configuration Object for Dojo Loader:
dojoConfig = {
    baseUrl: "src/", // Where we will put our packages
    async: 1, // We want to make sure we are using the "modern" loader
    hasCache: {
        "host-rhino": 1, // Ensure we "force" the loader into Node.js mode
        "dom": 0 // Ensure that none of the code assumes we have a DOM
    // While it is possible to use config-tlmSiblingOfDojo to tell the
    // loader that your packages share the same root path as the loader,
    // this really isn't always a good idea and it is better to be
    // explicit about our package map.
    packages: [{
        name: "dojo",
        location: "dojo"
        name: "app",
        location: "app"
        name: "app-server",
        location: "app-server"
    deps: ['app-server/main']

// Now load the Dojo loader

using the jjs mode, just type
jjs load('xxx.js');

Tomdye commented Apr 15, 2016

@taoqf the PR that adds nashorn support has been merged into master, why don't you give it a try and see if it works for you. Thanks

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