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Should we adopt RxJS/Observables as a core design pattern?


The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) is a set of libraries to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections and Array#extras style composition in JavaScript.

They are like if you combined Events+Promises+Generators. Where Promises are either resolved or unresolved, and Generators require the consumer to request the next value, Observables sort of combine the two to make event based programming easier.

RxJS 5 is being rewritten and is done in TypeScript.


  • How would we integrate it?
  • What APIs would it replace or supplant?
  • Can we integrate it into our build tooling?
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Reactive is a mature and widely-supported (across programming languages) library. Gaining the full benefit of using Reactive requires a fair amount of learning its paradigm and API, but one could also use it much like Dojo 1.x users currently use Observable, Evented, Promises, etc.

Reactive's mantra: Everything is a stream

  • Apache 2.0 licensed
  • Very broad project - ported to numerous languages and platforms
    • Well supported with official documentation; lots of tutorials and articles in addition
  • JavaScript port is authored in TypeScript (for the version 5 beta; current v4 release is JS)
  • Adheres to ES7 Observable spec
  • Lots of bindings (though we would probably end up wanting to create custom ones for some Dojo components)
  • Full project source is ~700 files, ~12MB (8MB being git files)

Since the source is TS, I think it should integrate into our development and build process like any other TS dependency.

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msssk commented Feb 13, 2016

I think core/Evented becomes redundant
There is overlap with core/streams, but probably enough differences for both to be useful

Dojo 2 Reactive
dojo/on Observable.fromEvent(element, eventName, [selector]); Observable.fromEventPattern(addHandler, [removeHandler], [selector])
dojo/on#once Observable#single?
dojo/on#pausable Observable#pausable
dojo/on.emit (no similar functionality?)
util.debounce/createTimer/throttle (general-purpose) Observable#debounce/delay/throttle
lang/assign util/assign
object/is util/isObject

Reactive's Observable has some utility methods (and a Symbol shim):

  • util/SymbolShim
  • util/isArray
  • util/isDate
  • util/isFunction
  • util/isNumeric

Reactive also has some scheduler support - TODO: compare scheduler between Dojo and Reactive

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kitsonk commented Apr 8, 2016

ReactiveX/RxJS Observables appear to be a good design paradigm. As @msssk points out, there are some additional activities we need to do in order to better integrate it. I will open other issues in relationship to this.

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