Parser should account for multiple documents and throw error when ID already registered. #4

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Note that the following concerns Considering that the parser accounts for multiple documents simultaneously, the idMap should as well, especially since node IDs are only supposed to be unique on a per-document basis. As for IDs that have already been registered within a single document, I'm inclined to believe an error should be thrown. Otherwise users might get into trouble without an immediate indication of the problem. For example, consider the following scenario:

<div id="root">
    <p id="child"></p>
const root = document.getElementById('root');
    root: root

const oldChild = document.getElementById('child');
const newChild = document.createElement('div'); = 'child';

root.insertBefore(newChild, oldChild);

Since the new node is added before the old node is removed, instantiateParserObject will try to add the new instance to the idMap before the old one has been removed. As a result, byNode(newChild) will work, but byId( will not.

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Yes, I am not 100% sure I had multi-document handling done fully as well as what to do about duplicate IDs... glad you picked up on it.

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@mwistrand @kitsonk mwistrand + kitsonk Add multiple-document support
* Add multiple-document support.
* Allow objects to be registered to multiple documents.
* Throw an error when objects are registered with existing IDs.
* Style updates.

1. Extract ID map into a common interface.
2. Fix lint errors.

* Update `byId` signature.
* Allow document to be specified as first parameter to `byId`.
* Make `IdMap` interface private.

Closes #4
@kitsonk kitsonk modified the milestone: 2016.04, 2016.05 Apr 12, 2016
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