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@dojo/widgets/text-area widget

Dojo's Textarea widget provides a wrapped native textarea input, optionally with a label.


  • Provides an API for valid <textarea> attributes
  • Correctly handles a11y attributes
  • Associates a visible or invisible but accessible <label> with the textarea if the label property is added

Accessibility Features

Textarea ensures that the proper attributes (ARIA or otherwise) are set along with classes when properties such as disabled, readOnly, invalid, etc. are used. It provides the property describedBy to reference an element with additional descriptive text with aria-describedby.

If the label property is not used, we recommend creating a separate label and pointing it at the input's widgetId property.

Example Usage

// Basic usage
w(Textarea, {
	label: 'Your Message',
	value: this.state.textareaValue,
	onChange: (event: TypedTargetEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
		this.setState({ textareaValue: });

// Advanced usage
w(Textarea, {
	columns: 20,
	rows: 8,
	aria: { describedBy: 'descriptionId' },
	invalid: this.state.messageValid,
	label: 'Your Message',
	labelAfter: true,
	maxLength: 500,
	minLength: 100,
	name: 'message',
	placeholder: 'Type something...',
	required: true,
	value: this.state.message,
	wrapText: 'hard',
	onChange: (event: TypedTargetEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
		this.setState({ message: });
		this.setState({ messageValid: this._validatePassword() });
v('p', {
	id: 'descriptionId'
}, [ 'Enter a message between 100 and 500 characters' ]);


The following CSS classes are available on the Textarea widget for use with custom themes:

  • root: Applied to either the wrapping <label>, or a <div> in the same position in the node hierarchy
  • disabled: Applied to the same level as root if properties.disabled is true
  • readonly: Applied to the same level as root if properties.readOnly is true
  • required: Applied to the same level as root if properties.required is true
  • invalid: Applied to the same level as root if properties.invalid is true
  • valid: Applied to the same level as root if properties.invalid is set false (i.e. not only undefined)
  • inputWrapper: Applied to the immediate parent of the <input>
  • input: Applied to the <input> element
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