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Disaster Recovery for Elastic Block Store

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DREBS (Disaster Recovery for Elastic Block Store)


  • DREBS is a tool for taking periodic snapshots of EBS volumes.
  • DREBS is designed to be run on the EC2 host which the EBS volumes to be snapshoted are attached.
  • DREBS supports configurable retention strategies.
  • DREBS supports configurable pre and post snapshot tasks such as dumping databases prior to snapshot for consistency.

Installation & Setup

  1. Clone the repo or install the gem
  2. Currently configuration is located at the top of the drebs bin. Add you ec2 key, etc.
  3. Add Crontab entry: 0 * * * * drebs


  • State including config is cached in drebs_state.json. This file will need to be deleted to get drebs to pick up new config. Doing so will orphan current snapshots which will need to be deleted manually.


  • Tests!
  • Refactor using main with db for state and external config
  • Use Whenever gem for crontab setup
  • Arbitrary execution intervals (Snapshots every 5 minutes instead of every hour)
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