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This is a design based on the Processwire Template, It was built to serve my purpose mostly, so you will notice some shortcuts in the template, feel free to mess around if you like
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This is my personal website developed in PHP with the ProcessWire Content Management System, It uses several components such as the Twig Templating and ProcessBlog, Processwire Template Engine. Feel free to fork and alter it, the way you want, However it should be noted, I took certain shortcuts due to time constraints, as I needed the website up asap.


I will admit I am not a UX person, I only know how to replicate what I see via CSS and mix and match from Dribbble, I did not come up with most of these designs below are the concepts I saw on online and decided to implement as I loved the features,

Find the inspiration links below:

Websites Found:

Project Showcasing Concept

Blog Page Content

Other Concepts






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