Integrate Aegir user roles into hosting_products as product feature
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Aegir Ubercart Client Roles

This Drupal module integrates Aegir user roles into hosting_products as product

With this module you can assign Aegir user roles to Ubercart products, and sell
them as hosting products.

This module is part of the "Hosting & Ubercart Integration" package, and depends
on uc_hosting and uc_hosting_products modules.

- first install your Aegir & UberCart, as you want. Install also uc_hosting and
  uc_hosting_products modules. Enable your modules, and make your Aegir store
  up & running.
- copy the three uc_hosting_client files into the hostmaster sites module 
  directory, next to uc_hosting_products files 
- enable the "Aegir Ubercart Client Roles" module

- Create a hosting product in Ubercart, and go to add product features
- Select "Add user role to product" feature, and add it to the product
- Choose an Aegir user role, what you want to assign to the product.
  Default is "aegir client'. 
- When a client buys a product with this feature assigned, then the role
  will be assigned to the clients user in Aegir after order completed.

Additional info
- you can define as many user roles you want, with fine graded permissions,
  and assign them to various products in Ubercart
- the name of the user role must contain "aegir", then it will be shown in 
  the selection list