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ruby irc bot

= rbot - The Ruby IRC bot

rbot is a ruby IRC bot. Think of him as a ruby bot framework with a highly
modular design based around plugins.

== rbot features

* Runtime configuration via irc chat
* User authentication and access levels for using different bot features
* Built in infobot-style keywords.
* Support for underlying fact database (infobot fact files), which can
  be overridden or supplemented by runtime keyword controls
* Multi-language support - comes with english, dutch, german, french, italian
  japanese, chinese and russian definitions so far - more translations welcome
* Powerful plugin architecture, comes with plugins for:
  - DNS queries
  - Babelfish translation
  - Google searching
  - Excuse generation
  - Insult generation
  - Karma
  - Checking the weather
  - Querying slashdot
  - Doing Math
  - Per-channel quote storage, searching and retrieval
  - Reminders
  - rot13 translation
  - Check the spelling of a word
  - Webserver Server: header examination
  - RPG dice rolling
  - larting people
  - conversation stats
  - more... 

Thanks are owed to the infobot developers - several of rbot's features are
inspired by infobot and so are some of the default plugins. Thanks are also
owed to RADKade1, as rbot's quote plugin is a direct reimplementation of his
"quotesaq" - simply because it's a great quote interface.

Mainly, rbot's fun to play with, although the plugin architecture can be used
to write very useful modules

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