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= Mercurial Plugin for Trac (#1847) =

Please see the online Wiki page for this extension:

== Minimal Installation Instructions ==

=== Trac ===

This plugin for Trac 0.12 doesn't yet work with Trac ''trunk'',
but requires the ''multirepos'' branch (to be integrated in trunk 
svn co

and install from there:
$ cd multirepos
$ python egg_info
$ python install

=== TracMercurial ===

Go into the working copy root (i.e. the folder containing this README file),
 - either do `python bdist_egg`, which creates
   an .egg file in the `dist` subfolder. Copy that .egg file in the
   `plugins` subfolder of your Trac environment
 - or do `python install`, which creates the .egg and install it
   below the site-packages folder of your Python installation.
   You'll then need to enable the plugin in the `[components]` section of
   your trac.ini file, see below.

== Configuration ==

The configuration has to be done on the Trac side, 
there's nothing to do on the Mercurial repository side,
except for the fact that the repository should be made 
accessible as a local repository. 
Thanks to the distributed nature of Mercurial, that's
always possible (if the repository is not already local,
simply `hg clone` it).

=== Setting up the mercurial plugin ===

For general instructions about plugins, see also TracPlugins.

If you installed the egg globally and you're modifying an 
existing Trac environment to use the Mercurial backend,
then you have to explicitely ''enable'' the plugin in TracIni:
tracext.hg.* = enabled

=== Setting up a Trac environment ===

It is now recommended to use the new set of trac-admin commands 
`repository ...` to create, delete and rename references to repositories
(note that Trac will never do anything to the actual Mercurial repositories 
beyond accessing them for read operations).

The old default settings for defining the default repository are still
supported but deprecated (use an empty repository name or create an empty 
alias, see `trac-admin help repository alias`).

(Old-style) the trac.ini file contains `[trac]` section similar to the 
repository_type = hg
repository_dir = /path/to/my/hg/repository

There's also a few Mercurial specific settings in TracIni:
# -- Show revision number in addition to the changeset hash
show_rev = yes

# -- Changeset hash format
node_format = short
# hex:   Show the full SHA1 hash 
# short: Show a shortened hash for the changesets 

'' -- ChristianBoos ''