A simple repository that will guide you through deploying wordpress on dokku
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WordPress on Dokku

A repository to help you setup WordPress on a Dokku server.


  • A Dokku server. Tested on 0.7.2+
  • The dokku-mysql or dokku-mariadb plugin
  • make installed locally
  • curl or wget installed locally


This repository generates an app directory based on environment variables, as well as instructions for configuring your app on the Dokku server.

Plugins and Uploads will be stored on the host using persistent storage. Unless you do similar with themes, this setup will expect them to be distributed with the wordpress installation.

To use, run the following (and then read the instructions!):

# both APP_NAME and SERVER_NAME are required
# export the server name (or ip)
export SERVER_NAME=dokku.me

# export the app name
export APP_NAME=blog

# generate the repository and follow the output directions
make build

You can also specify a custom WordPress version:


make build APP_NAME=blog SERVER_NAME=dokku.me

Want a mostly unattended installation? You can also execute it with the UNATTENDED_CREATION environment variable. You will only need to create the requisite persistent storage directories and push the repository. All configuration will be manually performed using the dokku user against the configured SERVER_NAME.


make build APP_NAME=blog SERVER_NAME=dokku.me

You can also destroy an existing wordpress installation:


After Installation (Optional)

Modify Upload File Size Limit

Put .user.ini file at the root of your folder with the following content:

upload_max_filesize = 256M
post_max_size = 256M

Then use the following command to push to dokku

git add .
git commit -m "Modify Upload File Size Limit"
git push dokku master