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Hook system that lets users extend your application with plugins


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Hook system that lets users extend your application with plugins


wget -qO /tmp/plugn_latest.tgz
tar xzf /tmp/plugn_latest.tgz -C /usr/local/bin


$ PLUGIN_PATH=/var/lib/dokku/plugins plugn

Available commands:
  config                       Plugin configuration
  disable                      Disable a plugin
  enable                       Enable a plugin
  help                         Shows help information for a command
  init                         Initialize an empty plugin path
  install                      Install a new plugin from a Git URL
  list                         List all local plugins
  source                       Source commands for sourcable plugins
  trigger                      Triggers hook in enabled plugins
  uninstall                    Remove plugin from available plugins
  update                       Update plugin and optionally pin to commit/tag/branch
  version                      Show version

Building & Testing (in docker)

docker-machine create -d virtualbox plugn-dev
eval $(docker-machine env plugn-dev)
make build-in-docker
make test

Plugin directory structure example

ps (plugin name)
├── [-rw-r--r--]  plugin.toml (metadata)
├── [-rwxr-xr-x]  post-deploy (trigger)
├── [-rwxr-xr-x]  post-stop  (trigger)
└── [-rwxr-xr-x]  pre-deploy (trigger)

plugin.toml format example

[plugin name]
description = "plugin description"
version = "0.1.0"


Anybody can propose a release. First bump the version in Makefile, make sure is up to date, and make sure tests are passing. Then open a Pull Request from main into the release branch. Once a maintainer approves and merges, CircleCI will build a release and upload it to Github.