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0.5.2 (1-5-2014)

  • Additional locale support: Arabic, Czech, French and Islandic
  • Run tests on Django 1.7 beta and Python 3.3 (but allow failure)

0.5.1 (21-11-2013)

  • Added Italian translation, thanks to azanibellato.
  • Support for pluggable/custom user models (#101).
  • Proper Sphinx documentation with autodoc on Read the Docs (#90).
  • Compatibility with Django 1.6 thanks to @jnss (#97).
  • Include default message templates in package (#95).
  • Fix database to template file migration for non-ASCII characters (#94).
  • Fix small issues with vCard imports (mainly mimetype-related).

0.5 (03-10-2013)

  • Added proxy for app-specific settings.
  • Optional skipping of email confirmation in views (CONFIRM_EMAIL_<ACTION>).
  • Russian translation (contributed by ak3n).
  • Added explicit HTML toogle to Newsletter model.
  • Fix JavaScript submit link on "Add submission", ported to use jQuery.
  • Replacement of remaining function based views with class based equivalents.
  • Move message templates from database to files.

0.4.1 (15-04-2013)

  • Started keeping a decent history file. (Finally...)
  • Support Django 1.5; make use of class based generic views
  • Drop Django 1.3 and Python 2.5 support.
  • 100% test coverage for views
  • Farsi translations (contributed by rohamn)
  • French translations (contributed by smalter)
  • Admin actions for subscribing/unsubscribing (contributed by jnns)
  • Introduced django-webtest for some tests
  • Exempt previews from XFrame protection (fixes #54)

0.4 (20-11-2012)

  • Major code cleanup; PEP8, imports, restructuring, removal of legacy code
  • Improved testing throgh Travis and better test coverage
  • South migrations
  • Added German translation (contributed by jnns)
  • WYSIWYG editor is now optional and pluggable, Imperavi and TinyMCE supported
  • Timezone-aware date-times when Django 1.4 is used
  • Ue of Django 1.3's messages framework
  • Many small bugfixes (see GitHub issues)
  • Drop support for Django 1.2
  • Automatic detection of charset, encoding and dialect for CSV import
  • Much cleaner log messages with proper message substitution
  • Use Django's staticfiles contrib for static assets in admin interface
  • Use surlex for more readable URL templates
  • Use sorl-thumbnail for article images and default templates
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