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jleclanche commented Aug 14, 2012

The default subscribe confirmation template lives in the database instead of templates/newsletter, so templates/newsletter/activation_email*.txt should be dropped (I was very confused by that)

Additionally, the {{ }} should be replaced by {{|default:"Sir/Madam" }}.


dokterbob commented Aug 16, 2012

@adys Thanks (again) for the feedback!

For a next release, I'm considering moving the templates from the database entirely - and using the slugs of the newsletters instead. I found that, usually, our customers do not need to edit the templates and we had a lot of trouble not having the templates under version control in production environments.

Do you think that'd make sense?


dokterbob commented Aug 16, 2012

An example template name could be templates/newsletter/my_newsletter_slug/activate.txt.

BTW. Thanks for reminding about the lingering files, and the name default makes sense as well.


jleclanche commented Aug 17, 2012

I saw in another comment you mentioned dropping in-database subscription templates (it was a year ago though). I would agree it's the best way to go actually. There are separate apps that make loading templates from the database a breeze and they're compatible with everything that looks for a template.


dokterbob commented Sep 4, 2012

Ref: #11


dokterbob commented Nov 19, 2012

The old templates are (finally) removed. I will address the template refactor later under issue #11 and as such will close this one.

@dokterbob dokterbob closed this Nov 19, 2012

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