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Factor out django-extensions 'cron in favor of Django mangement command/Celery backend #39

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Mathijs de Bruin
Mathijs de Bruin

Years ago it seemed as though django-extensions (otherwise excellent) cron mechanism was going to be the de-facto standard for Django. In the end, this was not the case. It is a large dependency and we should aim to factor it out.

This leaves us with two alternatives:
1. A Celery submission backend (see #26)
2. A regular Django management command

The second is much easier to implement so I reckon that should be the first step. After that, it makes sense to move towards a pluggable submission backend - so especially large sites can use their existing Celery infrastructure for django-newsletter too.

If somebody wants or needs to take this on, please give me a poke! I'm hoping to have this in by the 0.5 'redesign' release.

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