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Migrate admin to messages framework. Adapt to Django 1.4 timezones support #15

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I've adapted your code to work with Django 1.4.
Maybe you'll want to have a look at the changes I've made :)



Hey Gloria, that's awesome! Thanks!

However, for now we are still using this package on sites that are not yet upgraded to 1.4 - hence, I suppose it's better to keep this in a branch (or until me or someone is able to make sure it's also compatible with 1.3).

One last question: did you try to see whether the unittests are running?

gloriamh commented Aug 7, 2012


Thanks to you for sharing your code!
Yes, all the unittest passed, but there are some deprecation warnings to fix. I'll have a look at them after holidays :)


@gloriamh I am planning a 0.5 release of django-newsletter, and I need your feedback! Since GH has removed private messaging and you don't have an email address set on your profile, I thought I might as well abuse GH's issues to give you a little heads-up:

Dear contributors to django-newsletter,

Your efforts, pull requests, bugreports and feature-suggestions have not gone unnoticed. Thanks so much for your contributions!

In the next two weeks I am planning to take about a day to:

Fix some long-standing issues
Implement some much-needed features
Merge in some of your contributions!
In order to have a good view on what to implement first, I would very much like some feedback from you guys. Both on currently opened issues (+1/-1) or in the form of new issues (bugs, feature requests etc).

Please take a look at all the currently open issues at:

The idea is to have django-newsletter 0.5 finished, tested and documented by the 16th of september. If you want some clue as to what day exactly I will take for this, look to see when there's rainy weather in Amsterdam. ;) It'll highly likely be the 15th or 16th.

Until that time: please feel free to nag, bug me, discuss and work with me on this upcoming release.

Kind regards,

'The long-lost maintainer of django-newsletter.' ;)


33d6809 is merged in now - Django 1.1 support is dropped anyway. ^^

@dokterbob dokterbob closed this Oct 28, 2012
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