Get "Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed" after installing CAT 2.1.3 on OS X 10.11.1 (MacBook Air Mid 2011) #253

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Chayuth commented Nov 1, 2015

I just installed CAT 2.1.3 on OS X 10.11.1 (MacBook Air Mid 2011) and it worked fine and handoff was working.
But after a few restarted, it showed Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed.
(Further problem aside Wi-Fi, I could not login to iTunes, iBooks and AppStore.)
I tried to fix as recommended from many websites (such as deleting network interfaces preferences., resetting SMC, resetting NVRAM, etc.) but those didn't work.
I reinstalled OS X (but not fresh) and Wi-Fi still not working.
I erased and reinstalled as fresh OS and Wi-Fi worked again (as well as App Store).
I then installed CAT 2.1.3, after a few restarted, Wi-Fi was not working again.
Apparently, this problem is caused by CAT 2.1.3.

Any recommendation on how to fix this?

sysfloat commented Nov 1, 2015

Try the newest version (2.2.2) first use "uninstall with recovery", if your wifi still does not work use CATs option "uninstall with recovery" to get it working again and report back.

Chayuth commented Nov 1, 2015
  • Downloaded 2.2.2 and used Uninstall with Recovery -> Wi-Fi is now working again.
  • Reinstalled CAT 2.2.2 and restart a few times -> Seems Wi-Fi is still working. Handoff is also working.

Thank you very much :)

jaapvdv commented Nov 3, 2015

Same machine (MBA 13' mid-2011, 10.11.1), same problem with 2.2.2!


  • Booted in Recovery Mode, disabled SIP;
  • Rebooted (to Uninstall with Recovery) and WiFi was back!
  • Booted again in Recovery Mode, enabled SIP
  • Rebooted, WiFi was gone again!

So, for now I am keeping SIP turned off on my MBA.

(on my other Mac - Mini 2011 no problems with CAT)

leoaf79 commented Nov 3, 2015

I had a similar problem caused by file permissions recovery.
Solved this by disabling sip, uninstalling CAT (with recovering) and reinstalling CAT. Then I was able to reenable SIP without any problem.

jaapvdv commented Nov 4, 2015

Yes, that did the trick.

Thank you leoaf79!


Had this same issue on an Early 2011 MBP, 10.11.1. Following leoaf79's instructions installing CAT 2.2.2 solved my problem. Thank you!


Ah actually, just had this same error again on the same hardware after a reboot. Had to disable SIP and uninstall.

bleedr commented Nov 16, 2015

Had the same issue, could fix it this way, but right now it happened again.
I restored by kext and all works fine again (this time without continuity).

jaapvdv commented Nov 16, 2015

After installing new software (installer package) WiFi was disabled again.
Reboot in recovery and disabling SIP and rebooting again gave me my WiFi back (with Continuity enabled!).

After enabling SIP and rebooting again, WiFi and Continuity are still working. Did not have to remove and reinstall CAT!


I have a Mac Mini 2011 model and the WiFi seems to go on and off randomly after restarting. Sometimes if I just do a restart, the WiFi works fine. But, I've found that it disables more frequently if I shut my computer down completely and then turn it back on a few minutes later. If I disable the csrutil then wifi works no problem every time. I just prefer to have the csrutil enabled, so it's annoying to have WiFi not work at random after restarts.


Same Problem here. MBP 17" early 2011. Any ideas?


leave SIP disabled... you don't need it. Apple says you do... History says you don't.


Go ahead and close this issue if you feel comfortable with the solution.


Going to add a "me too."

Early 2011 15" MBP with upgraded airport card. With SIP enabled, wifi will randomly disappear after restarts. Disabling SIP temporarily fixes the problem.

Uninstalling, reinstalling CAT seems to temporarily fix the problem.

Haven't had any luck disabling and re-enabling SIP to get wifi working again as described above by jappvdv.


add "kext-dev-mode=1" to your boot-args with SIP disabled to see if you get better results.


It is my understanding that the boot-arg command is obsolete in El Capitan. Disabling SIP fixes the problem. I'm not a dev, but the problem seems to be that CAT inserts an unsigned Kext. Not sure why it passes the first boot.


I guarantee you that the boot-arg commands are not obsolete. I run a system that literally depends on the boot-arguments to live. Running OS X 10.11.1


If anyone still has this problem please try the following.

  1. Disable SIP
  2. uninstall via recovery
  3. reboot
  4. install CAT
  5. enable SIP via Recovery and the following command: "csrutil enable --without kext"

If you really want SIP enabled this will partially enable SIP but without kext protection. Please let me know if this fixes the problem.

y-ich commented Mar 5, 2016

"csrutil enable --without kext" worked for me.

bleedr commented Mar 5, 2016

for me too

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