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SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner 1.0.9 Win64 & Linux Latest
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@doktor83 doktor83 released this

d39eab3082de317b74dc82772d68b9b3 *
02d79171d0f3b424ffef83b5a4ac8cef *SRBMiner-Multi-1-0-9-Linux.tar.xz

  • Added algorithm 'pufferfish2bmb' for Polaris/Vega cards

  • Performance increase on 'sha512_256d_radiant' algorithm for GPU's

  • Reworked ZIL mining modes*

  • Added automatic caching of ZIL DAG for ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL (if GPU has enough VRAM to hold both DAG's)

  • Added nicehash compatibility for algorithm 'verushash'

  • Added parameter '--disable-auto-affinity'

  • Bug fixes

ZIL can be mined in a few ways :

1. ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL [ mining ETHASH/ETCHASH until ZIL time, then it switches to ZIL, mines it, and returns to ETHASH/ETCHASH mining. Uses a pool that automatically does the switching, for example]

2. ZIL + Any algorithm [ mines the second algorithm until it's ZIL time - then it switches to ZIL, mines it, and returns to second algo mining when done with ZIL ]

3. ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL + ALPH/IRONFISH/HEAVYHASH/KASPA/RADIANT [ mines ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL on for example, with the second algorithm simultaneously. ETHASH/ETCHASH + ZIL uses a pool that automatically does the ZIL switching, for example ]



--disable-cpu --algorithm etchash --pool stratum+tcps:// --wallet etc-wallet.zil-wallet


--disable-cpu --a0-is-zil --algorithm etchash --algorithm kaspa --pool stratum+tcps:// --pool --wallet etc-wallet.zil-wallet --wallet kaspa-wallet


--disable-cpu --algorithm etchash --algorithm sha512_256d_radiant --pool stratum+tcps:// --pool --wallet etc-wallet.zil-wallet --wallet radiant-wallet

Notes :

--a0-is-zil can be used only for case nr. 2! [ ZIL + Any algorithm ]
If you don't have enough VRAM for ZIL DAG + second algorithm's memory requirements, add --gpu-buffer-mode 1 to your cmd parameters


Use this parameter if you have a multi node CPU, and the automatic affinity setup isn't working the way you want it.
You will need to run a miner instance per node, and define --cpu-threads manually.

Example in Windows :
start /NODE 0 /B /W SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-auto-affinity --disable-gpu --cpu-threads 48 ...
start /NODE 1 /B /W SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-auto-affinity --disable-gpu --cpu-threads 48 ...