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Autocompletion for TYPO3 Fluid in Atom text editor.
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TYPO3 Fluid Autocomplete package

TYPO3 Fluid tag and inline notation autocompletions in Atom.

Depends on language-typo3-fluid.

Autocompletions come from JSON files in completions folder. These files get merged.
More JSONs can be added for more Namespaces / Versions / ViewHelpers (see

Starting with Version 0.3 this package gets activated only when language-typo3-fluid grammar is used (TYPO3 Fluid file is openend in Atom) to reduce Atom startup time when not needed.

Version 0.3 contains a lot of fixes of things that did not work as intended, like autocompletions in html tag.

Version 0.3 also brings better performance by a new approach to merge completions (see lib/

Starting with version 0.2 element rules can be added to completions, so that suggestions can be made dependend on element context (parent element, preceding sibling element).

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