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Install Dependencies


You need to install SoX:

For OS X (need homebrew):

$ brew install sox

For Linux (and thus Raspberry Pi):

$ sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all

For Windows:

Download from SourceForge

Raspberry Pi Specific Dependencies

If you are using Raspberry Pi install the following:

$ sudo apt-get install swig3.0 python-pyaudio python3-pyaudio sox
$ pip install pyaudio

Then install the atlas matrix computing library:

$ sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev

Install Module

Execute the following commands to install the module:

$ cd ~/MagicMirror/modules # navigate to module folder
$ git clone # clone this repository
$ cd MMM-awesome-alexa # go into the module directory
$ npm install --only=prod
$ npm run electron-rebuild

Configuring the Module

Next we need to authorize Awesome-Alexa with your Amazon account. We do this in two steps:

  1. Get authorization token which will be used in next step
  2. Here we use authorization token to get refresh token which will be passed to the Awesome-Alexa configuration


  1. Run avs-token-helper.js with npm run avs-token-helper

  2. Follow the on screen instructions and give the script info it needs.

  3. After you got the authorization token run the refresh token helper with npm run avs-refreshToken-helper

  4. Follow on screen instructions

  5. Get refresh_token from the succesful response

  6. Fill Awesome-Alexa module config with your information to your config/config.js file.

        "module": "MMM-awesome-alexa",
        "position": "bottom_bar",
        "config": {
            "wakeWord": "Alexa",
            "clientId": "YOUR_CLIENT_ID",
            "clientSecret": "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET",
            "deviceId": "YOUR_DEVICE_ID",
            "refreshToken": "YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN",
            "lite": false,
            "isSpeechVisualizationEnabled": false
  7. To configure the wake word, change the wakeWord property in the config: Alexa: wakeWord: "Alexa" Smart Mirror: wakeWord: "Smart Mirror" Snowboy: wakeWord: "Snowboy"

  8. To turn on visualization, set isSpeechVisualizationEnabled to true.