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Beagle Bone Black Logic Level Analyser

Just project is just a fun way to play around with AngularJS, graphs, NVD3 and my Beagle Bone Black. It is a webapplication (well, it's only a few lines, so not much of an application) written in AngularJS and using the Angular-NVD3 module to create a real-time graph of the output of a GPIO pin of my beagle bone black. It connects to the Beagle Bone Black through and updates the GPIO-pin state real-time in the graph as soon as the connection is setup.

To get it to work you need to host a few javascript and css files in /static/. On the Beagle Bone Black that folder should be there already and contain bonescript.js The rest you need to download from the respective websites, or include from the cdn's: