When I Work API v2 wrapper for PHP
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When I Work API

Very simple and easy When I Work API wrapper, for PHP.

Complex wrappers are for noobs. This lets you access the When I Work API using the docs as directly as possible.

Requires PHP 5.3 and a pulse.


You can install the wheniwork-api using Composer. Just add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "wheniwork/wheniwork-api": "dev-master"

You will then need to:

  • run composer install to get these dependencies added to your vendor directory
  • add the Composer autoloader to your application with this line: require("vendor/autoload.php")


Login (requires Developer Key)

$response = Wheniwork::login('developer_key', 'daniel@example.com', '******');
// TODO: Store the API token somewhere
$wiw = new Wheniwork($response->login->token);

List users (/users/ method)

$wiw = new Wheniwork('api-token-here');

Create a new shift

$wiw = new Wheniwork('api-token-here');
$result = $wiw->create('users', array(
                'email'             => 'nicole.jones@example.com',
                'first_name'        => 'Nicole',
                'last_name'         => 'Jones',
                'phone_number'      => '+16515559009'