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Fix #hunter2c606116-f212-49e0-967c-11f8666be43b
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eldy committed Jul 20, 2021
1 parent 2383fd0 commit 08e06f9789e9a550bc79f6bbbbd6230da20fd28f
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@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ function analyseVarsForSqlAndScriptsInjection(&$var, $type)
// Array of action code where CSRFCHECK with token will be forced (so token must be provided on url request)
$arrayofactiontoforcetokencheck = array(
'activate', 'add', 'addtimespent', 'update', 'install',
'confirm_create_user', 'confirm_create_thirdparty', 'confirm_purge', 'confirm_reject_check', 'confirm_deletedir',
'confirm_create_user', 'confirm_create_thirdparty', 'confirm_purge', 'confirm_reject_check', 'confirm_delete', 'confirm_deletedir',
'delete', 'deletefilter', 'deleteoperation', 'deleteprof', 'deletepayment', 'disable',
'doprev', 'donext', 'dvprev', 'dvnext',
'enable', 'setpricelevel'

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