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require 'formula'
class MitScheme < Formula
url ''
mirror ''
homepage ''
md5 '92884092806dd075f103cd1e9996413c'
# Do not strip the binaries, this will cause missing symbol errors on launch
skip_clean :all
def install
# The build breaks __HORRIBLY__ with parallel make -- one target will erase something
# before another target gets it, so it's easier to change the environment than to
# change_make_var, because there are Makefiles littered everywhere
# Liarc builds must launch within the src dir, not using the top-level Makefile
cd "src"
# Take care of some hard-coded paths
inreplace %w(6001/edextra.scm 6001/floppy.scm compiler/etc/disload.scm configure
edwin/techinfo.scm edwin/unix.scm lib/include/configure lib/include/option.c
swat/c/tk3.2-custom/Makefile swat/c/tk3.2-custom/tcl/Makefile swat/scheme/other/btest.scm) do |s|
s.gsub! "/usr/local", prefix
# The configure script will add '-isysroot' to CPPFLAGS, so it didn't check .h here
# by default even Homebrew is installed in /usr/local. This breaks things when gdbm
# or other optional dependencies was installed using Homebrew
ENV.prepend 'CPPFLAGS', "-I#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/include"
system "etc/", "--disable-debug", "--prefix=#{prefix}", "--mandir=#{man}"
system "make install"
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