The .NET SDK for Dolittle
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This repository has sub modules, clone it with:

$ git clone --recursive <repository url>

If you've already cloned it, you can get the submodules by doing the following:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive


All the build things are from a submodule. To build, run one of the following:


$ Build\build.cmd

Linux / macOS

$ Build\


Platform Production From CI
.NET SDK NuGet MyGet

Build Status

Project Windows Linux / macOS
.NET SDK AppVeyor Build Status AppVeyor tests Travis Build Status

Visual Studio

You can open the .sln file in the root of the repository and just build directly.


From the Build submdoule there is also a .vscode folder that gets a symbolic link for the root. This means you can open the root of the repository directly in Visual Studio Code and start building. There are quite a few build tasks, so click F1 and type "Run Tasks" and select the "Tasks: Run Tasks" option and then select the build task you want to run. It is folder sensitive and will look for the nearest .csproj file based on the file you have open. If it doesn't find it, it will pick the .sln file instead.

More details

To learn more about the projects of Dolittle and how to contribute, please go here.

Getting Started

Go to our documentation site and learn more about the project and how to get started. Samples can also be found here. You can find entropy projects here.