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Documentation | Tutorial | Runtime | C# SDK

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Dolittle is a decentralized, distributed, event-driven microservice platform built to harness the power of events.

This is our JS SDK, install it with:

$ npm install @dolittle/sdk 

Get Started

In the ./Samples/Tutorial folder you can find sample code on how to use the SDK.


This project relies on NodeJS >= 14.16 and leverages Yarn >= 1.22. The code is written using TypeScript and transpiles to JavaScript as part of its building.

At the root level of the repository, to restore all node modules, run the following:

$ yarn

To build, run the following at the root level of the repository:

$ yarn build

To run the test harness:

$ yarn test

Issues and Contributing

Issues and contributions are always welcome!

To learn how to contribute, please read our contributing guide.