A project describing a simple but effective 2D dungeon procedural generation.
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A project describing a simple but effective 2D dungeon procedural generation.

It's based on a method used by TinyKeep's developer and described in https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1dlwc4/procedural_dungeon_generation_algorithm_explained/ . Also, the method is detailed in https://github.com/adonaac/blog/issues/7 This is nothing more but an Unity's script implementation of the described method.

To test it, just open the project in Unity 5.x+, open the scene Scenes/ProceduralGenerationTest and run the sample (don't forget to enable gizmos in order to visualize the step by step result :) ). It will only generate the rectangles representing the generated dungeon, then it's up to you to use them as you wish, so some code proficiency is required (In Behemutt's project Mana Spark, I just get those rects, assume each unit of their dimensions represents a tile and, then, I populate my level tile by tile).

I don't know if I will update this project in the future, but it will remain here for public reference :). Anyway, feel free to contact me @doliveira87!

I hope it may prove to be useful for someone!

Best regards, Douglas L. Oliveira

#External libs Random Number Generation code was found here http://www.csharpcity.com/reusable-code/random-number-generators/ Unity-delaunay is a jceipek's project found in https://github.com/jceipek/Unity-delaunay/