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HangarXPLOR upgrades the UI/UX of the Star Citizen hangar page
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HangarXPLOR Build status

This project aims to improved the default Hangar page at

Current features include:

  • Pre-load ALL pages of your hangar at once
  • Automatic application of UX changes
  • Modified filtering, allowing more accurate grouping of ships/packages/flair and upgrades
  • Upgrade button in titles are preserved
  • See each individual pledge Id to assist with upgrades
  • Filter on Value / LTI / Gift status, etc.
  • See what the base item in a package was
  • See the correct ship image for upgraded ships
  • See the melt value of each item in your hangar
  • Correct the name of upgraded ships for easier searching

Google Chrome Extension

Firefox Add-On

Safari Add-On

** Not Scheduled **


New and improved UI

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