Schema validation and coercion utilities for TPNs and HTNs
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Schema validation and coercion utilities for TPNs and HTNs

As this is a pre-release version plan-schema has not been published to Clojars. You can still clone it and install it locally.

Check out the CHANGELOG


The plan-schema library is part of the PAMELA suite of tools.

See the API docs


The plan-schema library uses boot as a build tool. For more on boot see Sean's blog and the boot Wiki.

Install boot if you haven't done so already.

Copy to ~/.boot/ (if you haven't customized it yet). NOTE: plan-schema requires Clojure 1.8.0 or later (BOOT_CLOJURE_VERSION=1.8.0)

Copy profile.boot to ~/.boot/ (if you haven't customized it yet).

  • Emacs users: when you are ready for interactive development see the comment about the cider-boot task in build.boot
  • Cursive users: use this to create a project.clj file that Cursive will like.
boot lein-generate

In order to use the plan-schema with other programs (e.g. planviz) you need to install it in your local repository (i.e. where Maven puts files, usually ~/.m2):

boot local


For convenience you may add the plan-schema/bin directory to your PATH (or simply refer to the startup script as ./bin/plan-schema).

tmarble@cerise 242 :) plan-schema --help


Usage: plan-schema [options] action

  -h, --help                       Print usage
  -V, --version                    Print plan-schema version
  -v, --verbose                    Increase verbosity
  -f, --file-format FORMAT  edn    Output file format
  -i, --input INPUT         ["-"]  Input file(s)
  -o, --output OUTPUT       -      Output file

  htn	Parse HTN
  htn-plan	Parse HTN
  merge	Merge HTN+TPN inputs
  tpn	Parse TPN
  tpn-plan	Parse TPN
tmarble@cerise 243 :)
  • Validate TPN JSON

plan-schema -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.tpn.json -o seattle.tpn.json -f json tpn

  • Validate HTN JSON

plan-schema -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.htn.json -o seattle.htn.json -f json htn

  • Validate TPN JSON and coerce to EDN

plan-schema -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.tpn.json -o examples/seattle-2016/seattle.tpn.edn -f edn tpn

  • Validate HTN JSON and coerce to EDN

plan-schema -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.htn.json -o examples/seattle-2016/seattle.htn.edn -f edn htn

  • Merge TPN and HTN

plan-schema -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.htn.edn -i examples/seattle-2016/seattle.tpn.edn -o examples/seattle-2016/seattle.merged.edn -f edn merge

Development status and Contributing

Please see CONTRIBUTING for details on how to make a contribution.

NOTE The tests are (obviously) incomplete!

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2016 Dynamic Object Language Labs Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 LICENSE

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

This work was supported by Contract FA8650-11-C-7191 with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.