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  1. reframe.js

    πŸ–Ό Reframe unresponsive elements responsively.

    JavaScript 1.6k 65

  2. shave

    πŸ’ˆ Shave is a 0 dep JS plugin that truncates text to fit within an element based on a set max-height ✁

    JavaScript 1.8k 96

  3. postmate

    πŸ“­ A powerful, simple, promise-based postMessage library.

    JavaScript 879 76

  4. ImageButter

    Makes dealing with images buttery smooth.

    C 387 18

  5. ember-router-scroll

    πŸ—” Scroll to top with preserved browser history scroll position.

    JavaScript 164 39

  6. furan

    Scale out Docker builds

    Go 302 8

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