Run Cloudflare Worker scripts locally
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Cloudworker allows you to run Cloudflare Worker scripts locally.


Install via NPM:

npm install -g @dollarshaveclub/cloudworker

Package Usage

const Cloudworker = require('@dollarshaveclub/cloudworker')

const simpleScript = `addEventListener('fetch', event => {
  event.respondWith(new Response('hello', {status: 200}))

const req = new Cloudworker.Request('')
const cw = new Cloudworker(simpleScript)
cw.dispatch(req).then((res) => {
  console.log("Response Status: ", res.status)
  res.text().then((body) =>{
    console.log("Response Body: ", body)

CLI Usage

Usage: cloudworker [options] <file>

  -p, --port <port>              Port (default: 3000)
  -d, --debug                    Debug
  -s, --set [variabe.key=value]  Binds variable to a local implementation of Workers KV and sets key to value (default: [])
  -w, --wasm [variable=path]     Binds variable to wasm located at path (default: [])
  -c, --enable-cache             Enables cache <BETA>
  -r, --watch                    Watch the worker script and restart the worker when changes are detected
  -h, --help                     output usage information


cloudworker worker.js
curl localhost:3000/
cloudworker --debug worker.js
curl localhost:3000/

Workers KV

cloudworker --debug --set KeyValueStore.key=value --set KeyValueStore.hello=world worker.js
curl localhost:3000/



cloudworker --debug --wasm Wasm=example/simple.wasm example/example-wasm-simple.js
curl localhost:3000/

WebAssembly Source

Inverse Square Root

cloudworker --debug --wasm isqrt=example/isqrt.wasm example/example-wasm-isqrt.js
curl localhost:3000/?num=9

WebAssembly Source


cloudworker --debug --wasm RESIZER_WASM=example/resizer.wasm example/example-wasm-resizer.js
curl localhost:3000/wasm-demo/dogdrone.png?width=210 # or open in browser

WebAssembly Source

Cloudflare Worker Compatibility

Cloudworker strives to be as similar to the Cloudflare Worker runtime as possible. A script should behave the same when executed by Cloudworker and when run within Cloudflare Workers. Please file an issue for scenarios in which Cloudworker behaves differently. As behavior differences are found, this package will be updated to match the Cloudflare Worker runtime. This may result in breakage if scripts depended on those behavior differences.