0 dependency JS plugin to leverage scroll direction with CSS ⬆⬇ πŸ”ŒπŸ’‰
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Leverage Vertical Scroll Direction with CSS 😎

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ScrollDir ⬆⬇

ScrollDir, short for Scroll Direction, is a 0 dependency, ~1kb micro Javascript plugin to easily leverage vertical scroll direction in CSS via a data attribute. πŸ’ͺ

ScrollDir is perfect for:

  • showing or hiding sticky elements based on scroll direction πŸ₯
  • only changing its direction attribute when scrolled a significant amount πŸ”₯
  • ignoring small scroll movements that cause unwanted jitters 😎


ScrollDir will set the data-scrolldir attribute on the <html> element to up or down:

<html data-scrolldir="up">


<html data-scrolldir="down">

Now it’s easy to change styles based on the direction the user is scrolling!

[data-scrolldir="down"] .my-fixed-header { display: none; }

In Action πŸŽ₯

Scrolldir gif

Install πŸ“¦


npm install scrolldir --save


bower install scrolldir --save


yarn add scrolldir

Setup πŸ“€

Easy Mode

Add dist/scrolldir.auto.min.js and you’re done. There is nothing more to do! Scrolldir will just work.

Now go write some styles using [data-scrolldir="down"] and [data-scrolldir="up"].

Custom Mode πŸ› 

Add dist/scrolldir.min.js. You have access to the API options below and must invoke scrollDir.


To use an attribute besides data-scrolldir:

scrollDir({ attribute: 'new-attribute-name' });

To add the Scrolldir attribute to a different element:

scrollDir({ el: 'your-new-selector' });

To turn Scrolldir off:

scrollDir({ off: true });

To turn provide a different scroll direction on page load (or app start):

scrollDir({ dir: 'up' }); // the default is 'down'

Example 🌴

This is a modular version of pwfisher's scroll-intent. If you'd like to use scrolldir with jQueryβ€”use Scroll Intent. Scrolldir should work easily within any front-end framework so it ditches library dependencies. ~TY!