A tiny game of changing colors for the Commodore 64
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A tiny game of changing colors for the Commodore 64

The goal of the game is easy:

Bring all 256 fields to the same color with the least possible moves, as fast as you can by constantly changing the color of the upper left field.

This is a little just-for-fun-project inspired by a python game, that was pre installed on raspian wheezy for the Raspberry Pi.

My motivation

In 2013 I visited some really good lectures about old 8Bit computers in the department of media theory at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I was courious, if I can manage to complete a game in 6502 assembler more than 25 years after I sold my Commodore 64.

Development tools

I prefer crossdevelopment, because it's more comfortable and you get a much faster turnaround. To be as independent as possible, I'm using tools, that are available on all three important operating systems:

  • VICE Emulator (for all main Operating Systems)

  • Kick Assembler (written in Java)

  • Ascraeus Font Editor (written in Java)

  • DroiD64 for handling D64 files on development machine (written in Java)

  • Grab your preferred ASCII-Editor. On Linux, I use Geany

  • Sound Monitor from Chris Huelsbeck (on the C64)

The files

colorflood_basic.txt - the proof for the colorchanging algorithm. working but unbelievable slow.

colorflood.asm - the 6502 assembler sourcecode

font.bin - the new character set with game graphics

music.bin - the music (huelsbeck player)

Project status


  • A basic start screen appears and waits for a pressed fire button on joystick #2.

  • The playfield is shown, with 256 random colored tiles, a frame, a counter for the moves, a countdown and the selected color

  • Change the color with up/down of the joystick

  • Select the color with the fire botton. This will change the upper left tile and all connected tiles with the same color

  • Detection, if the field is finished

  • Basic sound in game

  • Music in the title (huelsbeck player)

  • Unpacking routine

  • Moves countdown. Zero stops game

  • Timer countdown. Zero stops game

  • At the end of a game, message "You lost" oder "score 1234" is displayed

  • 5 seconds after end of game, jump back to title

  • DEBUG: fixed music in title after first game

  • DEBUG: Win on last move is displayed as "you lost"

Still to do:

  • After first game, music starts not exactly at 00:00

  • Short lost or won melody at the end of level