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* RT #73742: watch build_dirs and react calmly when one has gone lost
2011-08-07 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9800
* RT #69463: fix memory leak in CacheMgr (Serguei Trouchelle)
2011-06-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.97_51
* address #68835: Changed read_meta to ignore dynamic_config (David Golden)
* bugfix: refuse to store_persistent if the own build_dir is not
available (Andreas Koenig)
* cosmetics: remove "Going to" from the beginning of user-visible
strings (Jesse Vincent)
* flock adjustments for Win32 from activestate (Christian Walde)
2011-03-12 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9600
* Added PAUSE batch signing key 2011 to the distribution
* Make t/00signature.t skip if verification fails. The user
shouldn't be prevented from installing if their gpg isn't
configured correctly, but we still run this to see diagnostics
* Major highlights:
- much less configuration dialog hassle
- support for META/MYMETA.json
- support for local::lib
- support for HTTP::Tiny to reduce the dependency on ftp sites
- automatic mirror selection
- iron out all known bugs in configure_requires
- support for distributions compressed with bzip2
- allow Foo/ on the commandline to mean Foo::Bar
- for more see Changes file for the 0.94_51 to 0.94_65 dev releases
2011-02-14 David Golden <>
* release 1.94_65
* Adds support for META/MYMETA.json files if CPAN::Meta is
* Adds HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH or USERPROFILE as home directory
options on Windows
* fixes a minor test bug related to Makefile timeskews
* fixes a minor test bug related to Makefile timeskews
* various documentation typo fixes
2011-01-20 David Golden <>
* release 1.94_64
* remove 'use_file_homedir' config option and fix #62986 using
a more robust method. Original config directories will be found
even if File::HomeDir is installed
* streamline configuration intro text
* add missing documentation for 'atexit' and local::lib bootstrap
2011-01-16 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_63
* address #63357: use Dumpvalue when dumping potential crap (Andreas
* address #62986: new config option use_file_homedir (Andreas Koenig)
* address #64037: new config option prefer_external_tar (Andreas Koenig)
* add support for bootstrapping local::lib when the user does not have
write access to perl's site library directories (David Golden)
* add support for (and prerequisite on) HTTP::Tiny; also adds
prerequisites for MIME::Base64 and Digest::MD5 to support proxy
authentication (David Golden)
* automatic mirror selection now returns only http mirrors (David
* add 'atexit' option for cache scanning and cleanup (David Golden)
* now with 421 distroprefs files (but a good portion of them seems
2010-10-26 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_62
* address RT #62064: build_requires_install_policy set to "no" did not
work correctly (reported by Xavier Bergade)
* address RT ##55091: don't ask the proxy credentials if proxy_user
empty (fixed by Robert Bohne)
* address RT #55093: no_proxy doesn't work with more then one entries
(fixed by Robert Bohne)
2010-10-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_61
* address RT #61735: stop talking about sending test reports by email (Schwern)
* prevent the use of old versions of Parse::CPAN::Meta which caused test failures
* bandaid for native solaris patch program to actually do patching
2010-09-28 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_60
* improvements to find_perl() by David Golden
* test fixes to address the issues demonstrated by some cpantesters
2010-09-26 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_59
* address RT #61607: make the FTP download code more robust (Reini Urban)
* omit useless arithmetic in CPAN::Version to possibly help netbsd
(reported by Nigel Horne and suggested David Golden)
* address RT #59216: make sure $builddir exists before calling tempdir
(Lee Goddard)
* a couple of new distropref files
2010-06-24 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_58
* bugfix: Non-English locales got no diagnostics on a failed locking due
to permissions (reported by Frank Wiegand)
* chasing test failures with test fixes.
2010-05-24 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_57
* bugfix: treat modules correctly that are deprecated in perl 5.12.
* bugfix: RT #57482 and #57788 revealed that configure_requires
implicitly assumed build_requires instead of normal requires. (Reported
by Andrew Whatson and Father Chrysostomos respectively)
* testfix: solaris should run the tests without expect because (some?)
solaris have a broken expect
* testfix: run tests with cache_metadata off to prevent spill over
effects from previous test runs
2010-02-17 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_56
* No code change, only version bumps on files that had changed but did
not get a version bump. Requested by Steve Hay in his role as perl
2010-02-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_55
* Fixed (CPAN ignoring configure_requires).
Also fixed (MY)META.yml processing to always prefer
Parse::CPAN::Meta, if available. Reported by Joshua B Jore
and patched by David Golden
* Fixed (missing CPAN::HandleConfig::output);
Reported by Joshua B Jore and patched by David Golden
* Quieter user interface: made lots of '$module missing' type
warnings only warn once; eliminated 'no YAML' warnings for
distroprefs if there are no distroprefs.
* now with 359 distroprefs files
2010-01-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_54
* David Golden fixes several recent regressions related to external
transport tools (ncftp, lynx, curl, etc)
* fixed quoting for downloading into directories containing
whitespace (reported by Jarkko Hietaniemi)
* amended lib/App/ because of a regression reported by Zefram as #53305 and #71838
2009-12-18 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_53
* bzip2 support should now be on par with gzip
* allow Foo/ on the commandline to mean Foo::Bar (suggested by
* bugfix: quit, exit, and bye did not allow a trailing space
* address #51018: do not switch to default sites when we have a
user-configured urllist (reported by Marc Lehmann)
* bugfix for programming interface (shell did not suffer from this):
localize $CPAN::Distrostatus::something_has_failed_at properly so it
gets reset after each command (bug inspection by brian d foy)
* added lib/App/ from brian d foy and update cpan script to his
current version
* major rewrite of the FirstTime experience for new users (including
auto-pick of download sites) (by David Golden)
* improved support for Perl core module deprecation (by David Golden)
2009-10-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_52
* address #48803: avoid 'unreached' if not following
configure_requires (David Golden)
* solaris tar gets more handholding to avoid solaris tar errors (David
* allow calling make/test/install with regexp if unambiguous (Andreas
* new config variable version_timeout used in
CPAN::Module::parse_version() (Jerry D. Hedden)
* streamline first time configuration to be more intuitive and less
noisy (David Golden)
* bugfix: eexpect in mode=anyorder with reuse=1 did not consume the
output (Andreas Koenig)
* now with 355 distroprefs files
2009-09-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_51
* bugfix: wrong diagnostic message on old Archive::Tar
* test fix: additional quoting in test t/31sessions.t for systems where
cwd contains whitespace (bug reported by Curtis Jewell)
* portability fix: By-pass alarm() calls if we're running under perl
5.6.x && $OS is Windows. (burak)
* address rt #47774: allow duplicate mention of modules in Makefile
* portability fixes to OS2 (Ilya Zakharevich)
* fix cpan -r (David Golden, ported back from 5.10.1)
* work around win32 URI::file volume bug (David Golden)
* portability fix: use dir() instead of path() on file URLs (David Golden)
* portability fix: removed my_dot_config as it doesn't exist in
File::HomeDir any more (Tomas Doran)
* bugfix: prerequisites declared with the string "==" now supported (bug
reported by Elliot Shank)
2009-06-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9402, nearly identical to 1.94_01 with these additions:
* protect build_dir_reuse to not process irrelevant yaml files;
addressing a bug report by Asif Iqbal on cpan-discuss mailing list
* doc fix by Dan Dascalescu
2009-06-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.94_01, a candidate for the next stable release
* friendlier CPAN shell startup message (RT#46869 by ADAMK)
* sets $Archive::Tar::CHOWN=0 and $Archive::Tar::SAME_PERMISSIONS=0;
(RT#46384 reported by John Lightsey)
* fix CPAN Testers reports summary for new website YAML format
(RT#46652; David Golden)
* continuing to improve error handling on unplugged operation (tracked
in RT#44549)
* fix RT#46378: what happens when using 'o conf urllist' for reordering
2009-05-24 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.94
* since 1.93_54 one test was changed that had been failing when
Text::Glob was not installed.
* since 1.93 (which was released 2008-10-12) changes are documented in
the release notes for 1.93_5[1234] below. Here is a quick summary:
SQLite dependency tracking fixed; packaging works around bugs in Solaris
tar; fixed ls on subdirectories; tested with YAML::XS; support for
MYMETA.yml; file split into separate files; mega doc/English
corrections; negated match variables in distroprefs
* thanks to Gisle Aas, Tom Christiansen, Alexandr Ciornii, Nicholas
Clark, Jan Dubois, David Golden, Randy Kobes, Olivier 'dolmen' Mengué,
Steffen Müller, Slaven Rezić, Michael Schwern, Gábor Szabó, Frank
Wiegand and many others for providing patches, bugreports and valuable
2009-05-07 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_54 (another release candidate for 1.94, I had
overlooked the github fork by Alexandr)
* Help Strawberry perl #41537: will prefer perl unpack modules (unless
it is bz2). (Alexandr Ciornii)
* address #43779: test failures when NFS involved (Alexandr Ciornii)
* adjust tests for 5.6.2 and when no yaml module is available
2009-05-04 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_53 (release candidate for 1.94)
* address #45470: pod synopsis fix submitted by Olivier 'dolmen' Mengué
* bugfix: @$urllist could break on an undefined urllist, now protected
* bugfix: Work around the troubles posed by Acme::BadExample
* bugfix: address #43813: solaris tar cannot deal with long paths
2009-04-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_52 (dev release towards 1.94)
* shake out missings after the split into many files
* Win32 fixes by Jan Dubois
* CPAN::SQLite support fixes by Randy Kobes
* completion on distros works now at least on the "d" command when using
pretty id ( eg. USERID/Foo-<TAB> )
* experimental support for only enabled on perl 5.11
* address #37531: ls on subdirectories did not work as one would
expect (reported by Slaven Rezic)
* address #28438: do not create the author directory if we have a file
URL (reported by Schwern)
* all distroprefs now more YAML compliant
* tested with YAML::XS and documented as such
* patch by Gisle Aas to catch not compiling regexps in distroprefs
* patch by David Golden to support MYMETA.yml
* address #44549: support users who do not want to connect to the
internet but still configure us to run in an intranet or with a minicpan
on the local disk (reported by Nicholas Clark)
2009-02-28 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.9304 (same as 1.93_03, just version changed to mark
as stable)
2009-02-01 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_51 (dev release towards 1.94)
* major surgery: split all packages within the file into
separate files. Requested by Gabor Szabo who also submitted an initial
* major surgery: relocate the repository to github, adjust all SVN
related code in the Makefile.PL to git, and remove all files that are
not directly relevant to (David Golden and Andreas Koenig)
* mega doc and English patch by Tom Christiansen and David Golden
* chmod the build directories to be world readable (suggested by Slaven Rezic)
* fix broken perldoc command (Randy Kobes)
* Use Parse::CPAN::Meta not Parse::Metayaml (Steffen Mueller)
* Negated match variables in distroprefs (Gisle Aas)
* new batch signing key included
* this is release 1.93_03
2009-02-01 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_03 (preparation of stable 1.9304)
* more backporting from trunk
* included
* s/
2009-01-11 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93_02
* the underscore is there because it is the first git based release, it
as a test ballon for the merge with bleadperl. I expect it will become
* upgrade repo to github
* more caution when running in degraded mode
* default for connect-to-internet-ok to 0 again (for 5.8.9 a quick fix
against bootstrapping problems was to set it to 1; now the resulting
error message makes clear what's going on)
* typo corrections (Frank Wiegand, David Golden)
* backport Parse::CPAN::Meta patch from trunk (Steffen Mueller, David Golden)
2008-10-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.9301
* tests, as always, badly written tests! (RT #39994, #40001)
2008-10-12 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.93
* no changes against 1.92_66 except in the distroprefs directory (which
is not used by default)
* highlights include:
* selection of displayed modules during the 'r' command more intuitive
(at the same time order of modules changed because we run two passes)
* several relevant bugfixes, including one related to security
(setting $Archive::Tar::CHMOD=0 to prevent undesired world writable
directories and files)
* for details see below the changes entries for 1.92_51 to 1.92_66.
* thanks to the many contributors who have made this release possible
2008-09-30 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_66 FEATURE FREEZE for 1.93
* if nothing serious happens this will become 1.93 in a few days
* security fix: Archive::Tar should not preserve permissions in the
tarball; extracted file permissions will be set from users umask instead
(David Golden)
* improve on dealing with a tarball with zero permissions (thanks to
2008-09-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_65 (aiming at 1.93 once again)
* address #39243: signature test now skips when no SHA module available
(requested by M Schwern)
* adjust skip message formatting to Test::Harness 3.13 strictness
* now with 344 distroprefs files
2008-09-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_64
* workaround for tarballs containing a pax_global_header comment
(reported by David Cantrell and Jan Dubois)
* set the PERL5LIB also on the look command (suggested by Slaven Rezic)
* better protection against invalid index files
* fix esoteric bug in build_dir_reuse/reset_tested (David Golden)
* allow more than 100 commands in history (Rodrigo Marchant)
* preserve modification and owner bits when overwriting FTPstats.yml
(Slaven Rezic)
* address #32841: Location of .cpan Inconsistent on Mac OS X (David Wheeler)
* updated the FAQ about choosing mirror sites
* now with 343 distroprefs files (the curve is flattening)
2008-06-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_63
* The CPAN::PERL5INC experiment didn't work and all related code was
removed. Because PERL5OPT "-M" switches are resolved after command line
"-M" switches, CPAN::PERL5INC sets @INC too late for any PL code or
tests that load prerequisite modules with "-M" on a command line.
* fixed some localization bugs seen on 5.6.2 (David Golden)
* added 'perl5lib_verbosity' config option to silence 'added to
PERL5LIB' messages (David Golden)
* now with 340 distroprefs files
2008-05-23 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_62
* fixed PERL5INC tempfile leak when running without lock file
(David Golden)
* better prereq and distropref disabled support under build_dir_reuse
(David Golden)
* distropref cache won't persist across sessions with build_dir_reuse
(David Golden)
* patch from chocelateboy: found a FileHandle->new with an argument
* fix "exiting subroutine via last" bug (patch from Gisle Aas)
* finishing the CPAN::Distroprefs refactoring (Hans Dieter Pearcey)
* silence noisy tests
* now with 320 distroprefs files
2008-04-25 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_61
* regain 5.005 compat (Slaven Rezic)
* fixed PERL5INC/YAML::Syck tainting @INC issue (David Golden)
* major distroprefs code refactoring into new module CPAN::Distroprefs,
adding tests (Hans Dieter Pearcey)
* cpan script upgraded to 1.53 (brian d foy)
* rework the whole experimental "feature" thingie since the META.yml
spec was fixed
* address #30464 (imacat): small refactoring and extend the loop
protection from install only on make_test
* repair broken smoke command
* now with 309 distroprefs files
2008-03-26 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_60: gearing towards a new stable release
* minor bugfixing
* documented that the support for optional_features is not yet ready for
prime time.
* now with 297 distroprefs files
2008-03-16 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_59: new distroprefs parameter match/env; bugfixing
* address #34104: add match/env into the distroprefs mix (suggested by
Slaven Rezic)
* add reset_tested() function to forget distributions previously tested
in a session, which resets the list of directories added to PERL5LIB
(David Golden)
* address #34062: regain lost 'cpan .' command (reporter Slaven Rezic)
* shut up "exited subroutine via last" warning in an expect loop
* address #34102: wrong diagnostic message when no META.yml was there
(reporter Slaven Rezic)
* CPAN::PERL5INC now also used in available_file() so that testers that
do not install can continue to work as before this module was introduced
* new protection against subtly broken META.yml files (testcase provided
by Form-Processor-Model-DBIC-0.01)
* cleanup some files on whitespace, notably CRLF files that could
confuse some svn clients
* experimental support for optional_features in META.yml (pre-alpha)
* now with 287 distroprefs files
2008-03-12 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_58: bugfix
* new module CPAN::PERL5INC repleaces the current PERL5INC stuff for
larger numers of directories involved
* force pragma can now override the effect of 'disabled' in distroprefs
(David Golden)
* speed up find_perl by caching absolute path in $^X (discovered by
Slaven Rezic)
* new FAQ entries about the build directory
* now with 284 distroprefs files
2008-02-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_57: getting closer to 1.93
* address #32823: fix a (rare) case where the make_args were appended to
the commandline on the call to ./Build (reported by David Golden and
Michael Schwern)
* applied a patch from Randy Kobes to update index before a query when
CPAN::SQLite is active
* added 'halt_on_failure' config option to halt queue processing after
the first failure rather than processing all remaining items
(patch by David Golden; requested by Andrew Hampe and Matisse Enzer)
* address #33505: allow empty passwords in the config and pass proxy
data through to curl (suggestions by kevinarpe)
* new diagnostics when is required a second time. Introduce a
sleep period when it is required several times because then a loop might
be the cause and this might provide a clue to the user.
* address #32525: when running the 'r' command, try to display the
module name that is best suited for the distribution name (suggestion
and prove of concept implementation by imacat)
* speed up distroprefs on eexpect/anyorder by reducing timeout to 1
second and retrying until full timeout reached
* address 32923: allow =head1 CONTENT without regard to case (David
* Now with 277 distroprefs files
2008-02-04 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_56: unstable release both bugfixes and new features
* addressing #32841: fixing wrong usage of HOME vs File::HomeDir spotted
by Randy Kobes based on a bugreport by David Wheeler; with help from
Schwern and Adam Kennedy and I'm sure this will need more iterations.
* added 'trust_test_report_history' config option; when set, CPAN will
skip tests for a distribution and rely on test report results if a prior
test report is found; requires CPAN::Reporter 1.07_02
* protect against the infamous bug in Safe 2.13 that causes data
corruption and ugly error messages like unknown method version::("")) or
some such
* let people disable the direct usage of gzip and tar by supplying a
whitespace config variable
* improvements to PPM support by Randy Kobes
* now with 274 distroprefs files
2007-12-30 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_55: unstable release bugfix
* address #32003: if untar breaks we broke too much of the session
* regain 5.6.1 compatibility in the testsuite
* improve diagnostics in t/31sessions.t to understand better what's up
in #31750
* fail gracefully on distroprefs parse error
* now with 267 distroprefs files
2007-12-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_54: unstable release bugfix
* document how redirection in the shell works
* skip distros in the smoke command when they match m|/Bundle-| (quick
hack suggested by David Golden)
* address #31825: wrong location of in on OS X
(patch by Michael Stillwell)
* address #31750: fix the logic when Compress::Zlib is not installed,
add a test to verify it
2007-12-10 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_53: unstable release low priority
* now with 262 distroprefs files
* fix the bug where refused to upgrade to Test::Harness 3
because Test::Harness was too old (Eric Wilhelm)
* skip tests when YAML too old
* default changed in Firsttime: prefer the conservative choice to NOT
use build_dir_reuse
* improve diagnostics when Tarzip believes that it must give up
* new config variable connect_to_internet_ok (requested by Merijn Brand)
2007-11-11 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9205
* backport the bugfix from 1.92_52
* straighten out a few whitespace changes that slipped into 1.9204
* release 1.92_52: unstable release (1.9205 will follow)
* bugfix: the endless loop fix that made it into 1.92_51 and 1.9204 was
buggy in itself. Fixing the fix and adding a test case.
* use chdir from everywhere instead of the built-in chdir so that
we set $PWD simultaneously (requested by Slaven Rezic)
2007-11-06 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9204: stable subset of 1.92_51
* bugfix addressing #30464 endless loop with prereq resolution (Slaven
Rezic) [untested!]
* protect the user from using File::Temp when it is too old
* applied a patch by Rich Paul to finally disable an undocumented, then
deprecated and then apparently broken feature
* applied a patch by Rich Paul that gains us a lot of speed lost in
unnecessary recomputations
* replaced all occurrences of $^X with findperl (bug reported by Slaven Rezic)
* several of many suggestsions by Mark Overmeer to improve the style of
the dialoges. There's more stuff left in several tickets...
* address #29754: Lockfile problem with perl 5.005_05 (Slaven Rezic)
* let containsmods cache negative results: Slaven Rezic found out that
distros without modules can be a performance killer without this measure
* no changes in the distroprefs directory
2007-11-04 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92_51: unstable release (I'll make a 1.9204 soonish)
* bugfix addressing #30464 endless loop with prereq resolution (Slaven
Rezic) [untested!]
* applied a patch by Rich Paul to support redirection and pipes on shell
commands [undocumented!]
* bugfix wrong usage of kill 0 (Slaven Rezic)
* protect the user from using File::Temp when it is too old
* applied a patch by Rich Paul to finally disable an undocumented, then
deprecated and then apparently broken feature
* applied a patch by Rich Paul that gains us a lot of speed lost in
unnecessary recomputations
* replaced all occurrences of $^X with findperl (bug reported by Slaven Rezic)
* several of many suggestsions by Mark Overmeer to improve the style of
the dialoges. There's more stuff left in several tickets...
* address #29754: Lockfile problem with perl 5.005_05 (Slaven Rezic)
* let containsmods cache negative results: Slaven Rezic found out that
distros without modules can be a performance killer without this measure
* now with 242 distroprefs files
2007-09-28 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9203: stable release with one distroprefs file fixed
* release 1.9202: stable release
* bugfix: don't try to make/Build when Makefile/Build.PL fails to
generate a Makefile/Build (David Golden)
* now with 217 distroprefs files
2007-09-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9201: stable release
* bugfix: remove a compile time has_inst call from CPAN::Admin which
could cause a hang (Mike Brudenell, Slaven Rezic)
* address #29606: only warn once when we ignore locking issues (Steve Cooper)
* add CPAN::Reporter::* to the packages needed for "reload cpan" (David
* now with 214 distroprefs files
2007-09-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.92: stable release
* fixed bug that kept "?" from being interpreted as "help" command
(David Golden)
2007-09-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91_55: stable release candidate II
* Update one test to match the output of Test::Harness 2.99_02
2007-09-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91_54: stable release candidate
* highlights of 51-54: CPAN::Reporter support for reports on separate
phases; support for configure_requires in META.yml; now with 207
distroprefs files; see below for details.
* firsttime dialog now defaults prefer_installer to "MB" and offers a
third option (RAND) for a random choice.
* code beautification complete overhaul, whitespace only (Florian
* after a fail introduce a hint for using the reports command (suggested
by Gabor Szabo)
* Enable code deserialisation for YAML. (Florian Ragwitz)
* Add CPAN::DeferedCode and make use it. (Florian Ragwitz)
* Add a new config option: yaml_load_code. (Florian Ragwitz)
* turn a few myprint() into mywarn()
* make inhibit_startup_message a normal config variable like all others
* New manpage CPAN::API::HOWTO by David Cantrell
* now setting PERL5_CPAN_IS_EXECUTING as requested by Adam Kennedy
* ask once if we may try to connect to the internet when we try to use
@CPAN::Defaultsites (I think this was inspired by Steve Hay, then by
Gabor Szabo)
* address #28946: skip locking on platforms not supporting flock
* address #28915: CPAN::HandleConfig::home did not cope with getting
undef from File::HomeDir-> my_data()
* support 'help' with argument
* integrate all FirstTime questions into POD
* FirstTime::my_prompt_loop now has support for *_intro prompts
* simplified lots of the complicated FirstTime::init dialogues
* new config variable load_modules_verbosity
* support 'o conf /regex/' to selectivel display the state of config varibles
* prevent recursion into HandleConfig::load()
* PERL5*_CPAN_IS_RUNNING now points to the process number
* several commands were missing in @COMMANDS so were not supported for completion
* started deprecating term_is_latin config variable
2007-08-08 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91_53:
* added CPAN Testers reporting for failures of *.PL or make/Build
if CPAN::Reporter version is at least 0.99 (David Golden)
* new config option tar_verbosity
* added base_id() method to CPAN::Distribution; documented both
base_id() and pretty_id() (David Golden)
* bugfix: make install did not set the PERL5LIB environment
* bugfix: smoke command handles distros it can't find more graciously
* docfix: new FAQ entry about commit and auto_commit (bugged by Nicholas
* refactoring of the Queue objects for better readability
* address #28438: wording of the dialog for keep_source_where (Martin
Thurn,Michael Schwern)
* address #28439: did not report missing file URL when LWP not installed
(Martin Thurn,Michael Schwern)
* new parameter for eexpect: reuse (Slaven Rezic)
* bugfix 'reload cpan': make it less unintuitive (David Golden)
* bugfix in goto: did not formally say goodbye
2007-07-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91_52:
* When accessing the preconfigured default sites, reorder accessmethods
in favor of http access (suggested by Brandon Black)
* neutralize "force" on commands that have no support for it, e.g. turn
"force report" into "report" (bugged by Slaven Rezic)
* let SIGINT during recent mean LAST
* let SIGINT during smoke mean SKIP
* stop using any in test 10version.t below 0.7203 because it
broke on some older bleadperls between 23000 and 25000
* applied a patch by Jim Cromie to explicitly spit out the unparseable
and zero version numbers
* changed CPAN::Version to treat sequences of more than on trailing ".0"
in version strings as insignificant. This was relevant for
ANDYA/Set-IntSpan-Fast-v1.0.tar.gz. Bugreport about is
* now with 175 distroprefs files covering over 200 distributions
2007-07-07 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91_51:
* support configure_requires according to the META.yml spec
* support distroprefs for all three types of dependencies:
configure_requires, build_requires, requires
* new experimental commands C<recent> and C<smoke>
* increase the timeouts for the tests for really slow machines
* lots of new, updated, and consolidated distroprefs files
* tiny fix for very rare cases of wrong parsing of degenerate version
numbers in CPAN::Version (thanks to Julian Mehnle for the report)
* support for artistic license "2" (Allison Randal)
* fix color ornamenting to always end before a newline not after it to
prevent spurious reset escape sequences at the beginning of the next
line (discovered by Gregor Goldbach and Slaven Rezic)
2007-05-08 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9102 -- tiny bugfixes
* address #26664: probe for the version of the patch program before
using it and adjust the parameters accordingly
* bugfix: a recent bugfix to dot distros broke pip (reported by Adam Kennedy)
* compatibility with 5.00405 regained
* test fix: increase the timeouts (the dependency of test success on CPU
speed discovered by Slaven Rezic)
* work in progress: improve the output of to improve
human/machine parseablility on several failure modes
2007-04-23 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.9101
* bugfix: give all File::Temp using spots a tmpdir (bugged by Slaven Rezic)
* test fix: demand more YAML fu to run the kwalify test in 12cpan.t
* bugfix: work around a 5.8.0 overload bug (Slaven Rezic)
* cosmetics: turn on sorting for Data::Dumper conversions
* several new distropref files
* test fix: on failure use diag(STDERR) instead of mydiag (STDOUT)
2007-04-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.91
* new command C<reports> shows the reports sent to cpantesters
* bugfix: dot distros did not work with Module::Build
* several new and updated distroprefs
* bugfixes in testscripts (spotted by Slaven Rezic, Nigel Horne, David Cantrell)
* bugfix: Time::HiRes not a prereq anymore (Joshua ben Jore)
* speedup of the cleanup process in the build directory: do not compute
the size of directories to be deleted
* bugfix: scripts installation was broken
* bugfix: do not drop unknown config variables for the sake of forward
2007-04-07 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.90
* Changes against 1.88:
* enhanced integration of CPAN::Reporter
* distroprefs subsystem to store preferences on a per-distro basis
independently of the support provided by the individual distributions
* Support for CPAN::SQLite to gain significant memory savings and speedup
* new commands upgrade, is_tested, install_tested
* improved visual navigation by colorized output and improved diagnostic
* improved installation support for scripts without tarball
* improved config management of internal variables
* much more serialization of internal data into YAML, switchable between
YAML and YAML::Syck
* optional persistence between sessions
* support for pseudo "dot" distros (local directories having nothing to
do with CPAN)
* reworked force pragma and new fforce pragma
* new configuration variables auto_commit, build_requires_install_policy
* new optional Bundle::CPANxxl bringing all optional supporting modules
* Changes against 1.88_79:
* workaround YAML::Syck 0.84 bug
* bugfix: remove from the is_tested set what reaches "install already done"
* improve diagnostics when gpg fails
* bugfix persistence: do not restore pragmas
* do the eval $VERSION tango for $CPAN::VERSION only when needed
(allowing "1.90" with a trailing zero)
* bugfix: if a dependency has been installed successfully but did not
install the expected module, issue a warning and do not install again to
prevent endless loops.
2007-03-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_79: stable release candidate VII
* make the failure mode on circular depencies just as the other failure
modes and let the rest of the modules continue; also improve diagnostics
for circular dependencies
* clean up a few places where STDERR leaked from underneath; others seem
unfixable so a few are left over
* protect better against lost build directories
* warn when YAML is too old and skip the 30shell test
2007-03-05 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_78: stable release candidate VI
* set PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING (desparately; see RT#23735)
* prevent installation attempts for files named *.patch (inspired by
David Cantrell)
* allow refs in @INC by Nicholas Clark
* applied a patch by Slaven Rezic to support match/perlconfig in
distroprefs covering %Config::Config
* hint the Win32 users how to install nmake with YVES' download script
* catch typos in distroprefs that are not yet caught by kwalify
* several new and updated distroprefs files
* integrate brian d foy's cpan script from his 1.53 release
* address RT#25223 (JDHEDDEN) small fix to the cpan script
* fix installation of scripts which was broken
2007-02-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_77: stable release candidate V
* another tweak to t/31sessions.t necessary after a cpantesters report
2007-02-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_76: stable release candidate IV
* In t/31sessions.t set PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT to emulate testers behaviour
and have the same results for testers and everybody else.
2007-02-18 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_75: stable release candidate III
* make t/31sessions.t more verbose in order to determine the problem it
has on testers machines
2007-02-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_74: stable release candidate II
* fix t/31sessions.t to run without Archive::Tar installed
* updated and new prefs files
2007-02-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_73: quick small fixes, stable release candidate I
* Win32 fix for 31sessions.t by Randy Kobes
* flush non-archival files when the mirror changes (thanks for the
suggestion to Adam Kennedy)
* fix recursion detection logic: when we have the module and it
satisfies the minimum required, do not take its recursive dependencies
into account.
* fix bug in getting PREREQ_PM out of Makefile when a value in PREREQ_PM
is undef (uncovered by Template::Plugin::Format::Number)
* couple of distroprefs files
* in the tests, when using POSIX::_exit make sure the 1..0 is flushed out
2007-01-31 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_72: quick small fixes
* fix completion for the two commands "failed" and "fforce"
* fix support for test/args in distroprefs
* stop scanning build_dir for sizes without lock because we are not
cleaning up anyway
* disable broken Archive::Tar 0.23
* mitigate a too sharp test in 31sessions.t
2007-01-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_71: this does not yet qualify as a release candidate for
1.89 because it incorporates a major bugfix; but otherwise I think this
is feature complete for a release
* document treatment of requires and build_requires declarations
* integrate the distroprefs README into the manpage
* introduce negative distroprefs caching for the current command
* new commands C<is_tested> and C<install_tested> (inspired by Ilya
* fix completion bug with notest and fforce pragma
* delete distro objects in memory that are cleaned up by the CacheMgr
* fix a bug that only fired when prefer_installer was set to MB but
Module::Build was not yet installed
* fix a serious dependency resolution bug triggered by the new
family of Compress::Zlib module distributions
* limit recursion detection to those commands that need it and let
others, like 'look', continue to work; at the same time make recursion
detection a serious error that throws an exception and does not try to
continue to execute
2007-01-08 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_69
* fix a broken test (which tested with the wrong
2007-01-07 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_68
* two bugfix patches from Randy Kobes for Win32
* include new key
* bugfix: make FTPstats writing atomic
* new mandatory config variable 'auto_commit' to always save changed
variables immediately to disk
* address 22069: display a colortable before asking questions about
* new config variable colorize_debug to colorize debugging output
* bugfix: prepending to PERL5LIB contained the BUILDDIR literally
* bugfix: when determining unsatisfied prereqs, honour is_tested area
* improve documentation about has_inst and dontload_list
* several distropref files finetuned
2006-12-31 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_67
* Redesigned 'force' pragma: only force at the level of the given
command ('force test' only forces test, 'force make' only make etc.)
* new fforce pragma ("fortissimo") that forces at 'get' level and then
continues to the given command
* persistence via 'build_dir_reuse' improved: also maintain the
is_tested record between sessions
* documentation and tests for the new force pragmas and for session
* support for 'applypatch' via distroprefs
* improved SQLite support for TAB completion courtesy Randy Kobes
* lots of new and updated distroprefs files
* Devel::Cover working again
* address #24114 (Steve Peters): do not fail due to missing YAML
* bugfix: handle gracefully when a build dir disappears
* bugfix: improve dependency checking if a module has no version at all
* bugfix: when a "goto" object is installed remove it from the queue
* bugfix: test suite runnable again without Expect
2006-12-18 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_66
* bugfix: protect FTPstats.yml from being truncated
* bugfix: now really remove the dependency on YAML::Syck in the Makefile
* distroprefs: deprecate expect-in-any-order and replace with eexpect
* distroprefs: attach a Distrostatus object to disabled distros in
* distroprefs: new keyword 'commandline'
* sqlite: deprecate config variable sqlite_dbname
* sqlite: make Bundle::Localbundle work
2006-12-09 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_65
* make CPAN::SQLite configurable and tweak a few places to help SQLite
* fixed an implicit dependency on YAML::Syck in the Makefile
* distropref-goto: use the queue because after the goto new dependencies
may be needed
* fix dependency checking after make test: it did not work well together
with a distropref-goto
2006-12-04 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_64
* more of Randy Kobes' patches for CPAN::SQLite applied. Things start
* CPAN::Kwalify as a bridge to verifies all distroprefs to be
syntactically correct
* address #23742: fix unini warning
* another patch from Randy Kobes to canonize directory names
* bugfix: force install of a local dot distro was doing weird things
* bugfix: goto did not normalize the distro name
2006-11-23 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_63: nothing major, only bugfixes and tiny new features.
Still a lot to do for 1.89.
* address #23315: there were still some uncought exceptions in
CPAN::Tarzip that broke megainstalls by Steve Peters; now hopefully all
* address #22584: do not set VERSION to "undef" when 0
* bugfix: delete backups during downloading of new index files
* bugfix: repair all risky ->can with UNIVERSAL::can; thanks to Adriano
Rodrigues for the report!
* bugfix: dirname(undef) can die: protect against it when an entry in
FTPstats has no associated file
* the failed command now prints its rows sorted by command (as before)
but within each command by time.
* the prereq check under the Module::Build installer is now performed by
reading the _build/prereqs file instead of calling Module::Build
directly. (Suggested by Ken Williams)
* cleanup of the cache directory is now disabled for batch jobs;
documentation is updated about the lock file the shell is holding
* now setting the environment variable PERL5_CPAN_IS_RUNNING; tentative
patch for Module::Install in my CPAN homedirectory
* support for fallback Data::Dumper and Storable files in the prefs_dir
directory when YAML is not available (alpha)
* new support for cpanconfig/check_sigs in distroprefs to temporarily
switch signature checking on or off. See distroprefs/00.README for
details and distroprefs/JESSE.HTTP-Server-Simple.yml for an example (alpha)
* new keyword "goto" in distroprefs to nominate a delegate distro. See
distroprefs/00.README for details and distroprefs/ABH.XML-RSS.yml for an
example (alpha)
* small portions of patches from Randy Kobes applied to support
CPAN::SQLite (pre-alpha; see Makefile.PL how to invoke)
2006-11-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_62
* bugfix in randomize_urllist introduced in 1.88_61: setting the value
with C<o conf randomize_urllist> was broken
* disallow C<o conf {commit,defaults}> in degraded mode
* more programming tips in the manpage from Ilya Zakharevich
* sanity check on path names with tilde suggested by Adam Kennedy
* change the prettyprint of arrays to accommodate the user of splice
* introduce C<expect-in-any-order> to distroprefs
* add a new testdistro CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Make-Expect
* make the 00.README in the distroprefs directory more like a manpage
for later inclusion into the manpage
* determine if a patch needs -p0 or -p1
* fix downloads with lynx when the other end sends an unusual error page
2006-11-10 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_61
* This release is dedicated to imacat.
* address #22749: always download CHECKSUMS from the same host as the
package file (Thanks to imacat for the report)
* new command 'hosts' to display some recent download statistics
* new config parameter 'randomize_urllist' brings some randomness into
the URL selection
* if yaml_module not YAML and not available, fall back to YAML
2006-11-02 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_59
* Note: the build_dir has got a major reworking with regard to how
individual directories below it are being named. The names are now
generated by File::Temp and contain a random part. This has the
advantage that concurring users of cannot disturb each other and
the disadvantage that it is more difficult to identify which directory
contains which build environment. If YAML is installed, then each
directory is accompanied by a YAML file that stores a lot of state about
the directory.
The filename of the YAML file is C<< <directoryname>.yml >>
* This release represents work in progress: new features marked as alpha
below are still in flux and may change or be removed in the future.
* Large chunk of documentation added about the many 'o conf' variants
(after a smart kick From Marc Lehmann)
* fix a bug reported by Sujith Emmanuel to survive when urllist contains
illegal URLs
* new bundle Bundle::CPANxxl with CPAN::Reporter, Module::Signature,
Expect, etc.
* many new sample distroprefs files (alpha)
* new keyword "disabled" in distroprefs (alpha)
* sanitize the behaviour after an timeout (alpha)
* make running concurrent batch jobs safe (alpha)
* lock the shell more granular to let many CPAN shells coexist (alpha)
* several small bugfixes to the persistent distro state feature
introduced in 1.88_58 (alpha)
* very early incarnation of new install_tested command (alpha)
2006-10-28 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_58
* new config option build_dir_reuse for persistent distro state in
build_dir inspired by Ilya Zakharevich. (alpha!)
* a few new and rewritten distropref files.
* add distribution name to every OK/NOT OK; also inspired by Ilya.
* bugfix on a rare bug related to the deletion of metadata after using a
pragma on a distribution.
2006-10-24 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_57
* address #22396: add a diagnostic warning at cleanup time when people
have changed their config but forgot to safe it (Tina Mueller, Alberto
Manuel Brandao Simoes).
* workaround for a weird interaction with a dated in
a probably dated Module::Build and UNIVERSAL::VERSION.
* document the config variables that are overridable via distroprefs.
* add prefer_installer to the list of overridable config variables.
* new and updated prefs files for DBI, Coro, etc.
2006-10-22 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_56
* add the ability to patch random distros both with local patches and
with patches from CPAN. Demo patches to UNIVERSAL::require, Expect,
Math::Pari, etc. are uploaded to my CPAN directory, corresponding YAML
files are in the distroprefs directory. Heavily inspired by an old patch
from Ilya Zakharevich.
* fixes from Ilya Zakharevich to the PERL5LIB environment handling for
not yet installed modules from a 3 year old patch.
* work around a Module::Build issue with Build.PL files that are
subclassing Module::Build like and HTML::Mason. For now we fall
back to the META.yml file. Needs further discussion with Module::Build
* in the distroprefs system allow for YAML files with an arbitrary
number of sections.
* document how to integrate local distribution directories into the CPAN
shell. See section 'Integrating local directories' in the manpage.
* reporting of errors during unpacking is now integrated into the
report section at the end of each command and the 'failed' command.
* applied a patch by smpeters to silence an unini warning (RT #22277).
* address #20979: trailing backslashes in MyConfig variables with test
(Lars XXX via David Golden)
2006-10-16 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_55
* new command 'report' as requested by Schwern in #22118.
* extend the Distribution object to local directories. Gives a meaning
to the 'cpan .' command. Suggested by Slaven Rezic.
* removes the linux centric behaviour of t/30shell.t.
* do not complain THAT often about uninstalled YAML or YAML::Syck; once
is per distro enough.
2006-10-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_54
* New option 'yaml_module' to switch between and YAML::Syck
Try 'o conf init /yaml/' to use it.
* New distroprefs system that lets the user store arguments, environment
variables, individual answers to questions asked by Distributions when
being built, and config overrides. Try 'o conf init /prefs/' for more
* address #21144 major documentation bug: $obj->install is NOT the same
as CPAN::Shell->install($obj) as soon as a queue of dependencies comes
into play.
* fix "o conf defaults" which was broken in 1.88_53.
* protect us against Module::Build errors with an eval around the
requires() and build_requires() calls.
2006-10-09 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_53
* wrapping Module::Build calls into an eval to catch external errors
with the right consequences.
* 'reload cpan' now based on timestamps and always jumps into a fresh
shell when needed.
* display the version during loading of our own modules.
* address #21692: make the "isa perl" case less noisy (Gabor Szabo)
* new tests
2006-10-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_52
* now does the right thing with prereq "perl"
* major speedup in parsing of index files
* repair debugging aid to display the correct line number
* fix bug introduced in _51 regarding Test::Harness version verification
* fix old bug in CPAN::Version wrt installed developer versions
2006-09-29 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88_51
* dependencies declared as 'build_requires' are now treated according to
a new policy option: try 'o conf init build_requires_install_policy' for
more info. (Suggested/Requested by Johan Vromans)
* fixed a bug where successful tests were repeated if things were not
being installed like during the 'test' command itself.
* address #21724: document that the 'r' command takes arguments; support
the same arguments for the 'upgrade' command (Adam Kennedy)
* address #21716: fix the broken 'recent' command (Phil Pennock)
* fixed a rare but extremely unpleasant bug with deep recursion in
AUTOLOAD during the 'reload cpan' command.
2006-09-22 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.8801
* trivial bugfix: init dialog had a tweak that made it impossible to set
'ncftp' when 'ncftpget' was installed and configured.
2006-09-21 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.88
* For detailed changes since 1.87 see the entries in the Changes file.
For finer grained change log see the ChangeLog.svn file. The highlights
of this release are:
* convenient configuration: dialogs for individual items or groups of
items can be accessed with a single command (Courtesy Jim Cromie)
* experimental support for CPAN::Reporter: try
o conf init /test/
(Courtesy David Golden)
* make installation of scripts easier: try something like
install SREZIC/pingomatic-1.012
(Courtesy Slaven Rezic)
* colored output for better separation of process output, messages from
CPAN and warnings from CPAN: to turn colorization on/off try
o conf init /color/
* formatting of lists of modules now features a column to indicate
installed and updateable modules
* signature checking can now be turned on and off with 'o conf check_sigs'
* new command 'upgrade' installs newest version of all installed modules
* Please note a minor incompatibility: the init dialog now has reversed
semantics: it suggests automatic configuration that can be confirmed
with 'yes' instead of suggesting manual configuration that can be denied
with 'no'.
2006-09-18 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_65
* Hunting missing documentation with Test::Pod::Coverage because my
first try to use it started with a wrong copy&paste.
* Forward compatibility: bzip2 via Archive::Tar not dying anymore
2006-09-16 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_64
* added test for the urllist dialog
* added License to all pm files and to the Makefile.PL
* allow ranges in urllist dialog, as inspired by Andrew Strebkov
* allow "o conf init WORD WORD2..."
* address #21484: disable inactivity_timeout when d_alarm is not "define"
* regex in "o conf init MATCH" must now be enclosed in slashes as in all
other commands that allow regexes
* again tested with 5.8.0, this time with an UTF8 locale and it did
indeed not pass the 30test: turning LANG=C now for the 30shell test,
* all supported config variables now documented in the POD and added a
test to monitor changes in the future
2006-09-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_63
* should run on 5.8.0 now
* address #17973: always honour user defined URLs over default URLs
2006-09-11 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_62
* make term_ornaments switchable while running (was only checked during
* verify that color settings are applicable (bad colors were killing the
shell process completely)
* improve wording and logic when user is offline and tries to run
the urllist dialog. (Address debian bug #380551)
2006-09-10 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_61
* configuation of urllist uses a local urllist instead of the global
configured one: prevents that ^C accidentally kills the currently
configured urllist
* configuration of urllist: if there is already a previous pick, one can
go through the dialog with RETURN only
* new options to get colored output: colorize_output, colorize_print,
2006-09-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_59: "o conf init MATCH" finally works and can be used to
jump into the configuration dialog and select an arbitrary subset of
* perl -I. -MCPAN ... now works because we replaced C<no lib .> with
rel2absing the INC (suggested by Slaven Rezic)
2006-08-31 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_58: work is still in progress to get "o conf init MATCH"
working (finishing the epochal Jim Cromie patches) but all tests pass
* initial configuration dialogue now has reversed meaning: automatic
configuration can be confirmed with 'yes' instead of having to deny
manual configuration with 'no'
* fix a bug reported by David Golden, that Bundle::CPAN is never
uptodate. Fixing it by special-casing in the inst_file
method. See also #17963.
* Address #18196 once again because people have still MakeMaker < 6.18
2006-08-26 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_57
* Added by David Golden: support for CPAN::Reporter.
2006-08-24 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_56
* Tiny documentation improvements
* Fix by David Golden to suppress warnings when using term_ornaments
2006-07-29 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_55
* improve the heuristics when parsing PREREQ for scripts
* document CPAN::Module::as_glimpse changes and fix the case where we
have no author or no distro and added some tests for these cases
2006-07-23 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_54
* fix #18165: new config option term_ornaments
* fix #20272: FirstTime::init did not preserve the space that signifies
"disabled program"
2006-07-22 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_53
* make *scripts* (as opposed to modules) installable when the path of
the distro is given: you can now 'install ANDK/keepcool-0.344' and it is
stored as 'keepcool'
* the m command displays one column more: an equals sign if we have this
version installed, a less-than sign if our installed version of the
module is smaller and a space if we do not have this thing installed
* fix #18438: weird dependency chain issue that broke
* fix #20168: when a user has neither Module::Signature nor gnupg, do
not warn them
* patch by Matisse Enzer to support authenticating proxies
* new command "upgrade" installs newer versions of all installed modules
if there are any (feature requested by Martin Sluka)
* release 1.87_52
* add support for check_sigs configuration option (turn signature
checking on and off any time)
* fix #18011: improved initial configuration according to suggestions by
Vassilii Khachaturov
2006-03-06 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87_51
* patch by Max Maischein to quote commands that contain spaces as is
often the case on Windows systems (addresses #17877)
* do not display DSLIP_STATUS when it is empty; same thing for MANPAGE
* add a security advice to the manpage
* do not advertise Bundle::CPAN when a new CPAN is available, CPAN alone
should do
2006-02-27 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.87
* new method dslip_status for Module objects
* no t/dot-cpan/ directory in the distro anymore and removed after test
* bugfix: when make clean failed, we did not list this as a fail
* more tests in t/30shell.t, sub coverage on now >75%
2006-02-23 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.86_53
* t/30shell emits two test headers (fixes #17816; Adam Kennedy)
* make Tarzip work better on uncompressed files; fixes test failure of
test t/12cpan.t work under some conditions
* t/30shell now skips tests that need uninstalled prerequisites and so
passes all tests on a bare 5.8.8 for me when CPAN_RUN_SHELL_TEST is set
2006-02-22 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.86_52
* simplification of the concepts of home and of the CPAN/ and
the CPAN/ There were too many places that tried to do the same
thing. Should now be centralized and consistent.
2006-02-21 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.86_51
* replace the concept of $ENV{HOME} with File::HomeDir (fixes #17759;
Adam Kennedy)
* remove a spurious CARRIAGE RETURN in the Todo file: it broke
Module::Signature on Windows (fixes #17746; Adam Kennedy)
* return empty string instead of undef when HAVE_MAKE is false (fixes
#17768; Adam Kennedy)
* do not try to use $CPAN::Frontend before it exists (fixes #17770; Adam
* t/12cpan.t now behaves on 5.004 and 5.005
* t/30shell.t now can be run without Expect; needs to be enabled with
environment variable CPAN_RUN_SHELL_TEST in this case
* more testing in 30shell.t
2006-02-20 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.86
* quick fix for a bug in the Checksums checking code: if the cache had
an old copy, it was in some cases not updated and if the file-to-check
was newer, a false alarm was triggered.
* I expect a 1.87 soonish, because we have open bugs: test 12cpan.t not
suited for old perls; test for the above bug missing.
2006-02-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.85
* Fix for 'install Bundle:CPAN' on Windows machines (closes #17699; Adam
* Make a separate distro for Bundle::CPAN (works around the bug for
older versions of CPAN)
* Another fix for bundles: in some cases installed an older
bundle than the most recent
* more tests: subroutine coverage now at 71.4%
2006-02-15 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.84
* see detailed release notes for releases 1.83_51 upto 1.83_69 below
* highlights of the changes between 1.83 and 1.84: better error handling
with new "failed" command and in many other places; new config variable
ftp_passive is on by default; new command mkmyconfig; Module::Build
support should now work on Windows and work better on all platforms; new
methods for programmers CPAN::Module::distribution and
CPAN::Distribution::author; improved docs; prettier output; and last not
least a heavy dose of refactoring, bugfixing, and testing
* Thanks to the bunch of helpful contributors and bug reporters (you
know who you are:)
2006-02-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_69
* much more testing (70% sub coverage in
* deprecated "dontload_hash" and introduced "donload_list" instead
* better handling of errors during 'perl Makefile.PL'
* turn on sorting for the dump command
* turn on sorting for the CONTAINSMODS attribute of Distribution objects
* env FTP_PASSIVE now set to true also when config variable ftp_passive
does not exist (brought up by Jarkko)
* patch by Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni to avoid a SEGV with 5.004_05
which happens when exit is called within BEGIN
2006-02-08 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_68
* bring 5.004 compatibility back
* kick out a 5.8.1 warning (Ken Williams)
* renaming all tests to NNxxx.t style
* less noise when Digest::SHA is not installed (closes 17598; Adam Kennedy)
2006-02-06 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_67
* more tests
2006-02-04 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_66
* add a new method CPAN::Distribution::author
* protect the usage of Text::Glob with a has_inst
* document CPAN::Module::distribution
* experimental and undocumented new method CPAN::Distribution::fast_yaml
* release 1.83_65
* much more testing in shell.t
* bugfix: protect "make test" from outer environment variable MAKEFLAGS
* bring "o conf help" back which was lost
2006-02-02 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_64 (potential release candidate for 1.84)
* bugfix: when M:B specifies both requires AND build_requires AND then
has no YAML to write the META.yml file, THEN we did not merge the two
requiries. Seen in KCLARK/Text-RecordParser-v1.0.0.tar.gz.
2006-02-01 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_63
* bugfix: when the CHECKSUMS file contains garbage, tell the user and
default to aborting the process (bug reported by Linda W)
2006-01-31 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_62 came out today before this entry was written
* rename the LC_ALL macro so that it does not infect the whole
environment (Ken Williams)
* new command mkmyconfig: patch supplied by Tyler MacDonald
2006-01-30 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_61
* After a bugreport from Randy Kobes, another few small fixes to make
sure that mbuild_install_build_command cannot make it through to be used
* release 1.83_60
* bugfix: Do not use ./Build directly on Windows, it must be called
together with the perl (fixes #17313; thanks to carl at fireartist for
the report and a patch skeleton)
* feature: 'o conf commit' now drops unknown config variables
* bugfix for very rare cases: do not use CPAN::Distrostatus object
methods on strings left over from the current session before a 'cpan
reload' introduces the CPAN::Distrostatus class
* bugfix: better switches for the call to curl
* bugfix: more checks after lynx if the command was successful or not
* docs: revisited the FAQ section
* bugfix: if a META.yml specified a prerequisite module that we do not
know, the whole prereq_pm became undef; now issues a warning and skips
the unknown thing
2006-01-25 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_59
* new config variable ftp_passive which causes $ENV{FTP_PASSIVE} to be
set; fixes #17266 (Adam Kennedy)
* have 2 Default Hosts instead of one; fixes rt #17238 (Adam Kennedy)
* be much more verbose when reaching the last ressort external ftp;
fixes rt #17237 and #17241 (Adam Kennedy)
* give the cwd command more flexibility (stimulated by Ashley M. Kirchner)
* bugfix: honour build_requires
2006-01-22 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_58
* command processor tweak on Win32 (Jan Dubois, Gisle Aas)
* README production was broken
* Ongoing heavy refactoring of FirstTime, currently still without
becoming visible to the user (Jim Cromie)
* More tests for CPAN::Version with output comparing the results with
Sort::Versions and
* bugfix: double check the "later" attribute before you excuse and unset
it if it is obsolete; fixes a bug where a postponed distro could be lost
from the queue
* output of as_glimpse more space efficient
2006-01-19 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_57
* bugfix rt #17131 (Lee Goddard): better error messages on two
unrecoverable errors that require user intervention
* shell.t improved again: now the output reads really similar to a shell
session so we can determine which problems were leading to a failing
2006-01-18 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_56
* bugfix rt #17089 (Adam Kennedy): the existance of a Build.PL without a
Makefile.PL implies a Module::Build dependency
* skipping the signature test now possible with "force"
* more tests in shell.t
* improved documentation
* new method CPAN::Module->distribution
2006-01-14 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_55
* improve error handling on Net::FTP connections (R. Hauser; fixes rt
* shell.t starts working on installations that have a CPAN/
2006-01-13 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_54
* conveniently handle $Config->{make} on systems that often switch
between dmake and nmake, like ActiveState's perl (Gisle Aas)
* better choice for command processor on Win32 (Gisle Aas)
* newest cpan script (1.51) from brian d foy
* "force ls" now refetches the CHECKSUMS files
* shell.t now conforming to Test-Anything-Protocol and hopefully working
on more platforms.
2006-01-12 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_53
* bugfix: if we have no YAML and no Makefile, we could not determine
prereqs. Now fixed by using Module::Build.
* bugfix: b command on unpublished bundles was broken due to wrong
handling of missing RO elements.
* bugfix: do not die when you cannot verify a signature, proceed with a
fail instead.
* new command "failed" reports about failed invocations of make, test or
install on CPAN::Distribution objects.
* Jim's bold fight against the FirstTime dragons continues.
2006-01-10 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_52 is a work in progress: Jim is proceeding with the
dressage of the FirstTime. It actually contains shell.t.
2006-01-08 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.83_51 brings
* restructure FirstTime in a way to enable us to ask single questions RSN
(Jim Cromie)
* shell.t that can test dialogues
* bugfix: show_upload_date now asks yes/no instead of 1/0 (Ask B. Hansen)
* envariable CPAN_SHELL_LEVEL now available for subshells (Slaven Rezic)
* enable date/time warnings without the help of HTTP::Date (inspired by
a bogus bugreport on perl monks that was only due to wrong system time)
* bugfix: hide CPAN::Config from the indexer
* provide a more traditional style ChangeLog and Changes file
2006-01-05 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.82 and 1.83 are quick bugfix releases.
2006-01-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.81 adds on top of 1.80_58:
* bugfix: completion of debug options was not case insensitive
* bugfix: installation of distributions was broken for distros
not mentioned in the index
* include a hint that su might work as well as sudo in the dialog
about make_install_make_command and mbuild_install_build_command
* add Module::Signature to the Bundle and move Digest::SHA higher
up so they start working as soon as possible
* improve the dialog that ensues when bad signatures are
2006-01-01 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.80_58 was a quick bugfix release
2005-12-31 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.80_57 adds on top of 1.80_56 the following:
* prerequisites fixed: File::Temp was missing in PREREQ_PM and
* reduce noise when $Debug is on
* improved handling of whitespace in filenames (Roland Bauer; #3201)
* add the Module::Build configuration parameters to the required
parameters (thus users are relayed to the init dialog)
* import less symbols
* enhanced robustness if cwd gets removed while we're running
(Rhet Turnbull; #321)
* add "notest" to the completion table
* enhanced robustness when untar is failing or poses permission
* iron out some buglets in the "ls GLOB" code
* enhanced robustness on "reload cpan" when the path to
has changed
* replace some hash accesses with method calls for a cleaner
interface (Work in Progress; no user-visible changes)
* do not fail anymore when finding empty files left over from a
previous unsuccessful download
* uptodate message more descriptive (Adam Kennedy; rt.cpan.rg
2005-12-17 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* release 1.80_56 is a release candidate for 1.81
* integrate release 1.5 of brian's cpan script from
* Support for Module::Build: to set the preference for
Module::Build over MakeMaker, run
o conf prefer_installer MB
o conf commit
* ls command supports globbing; these work nicely:
ls JV/make*
this works too but is slow:
ls */*make*
* META.yml data replace the Makefile parsing code if YAML
available (compensating for the frequent wrong usage of the
requires element)
* support SHA256; stop using MD5
* support bzip2 compression; can be tested with 'install
ARTURAZ/Net-Vypress-Chat-0.72.1.tar.bz2'; the CPAN indexer does
not yet index bz2 distros but will probably start to do so as soon
as CPANPLUS supports bzip2
* tiny tweaks to make run on a busybox (Guillaume Filion)
* bugfix: major speedup on all commands that need expansion of
regular expressions to module names
* prettier r command output: the 4th column of the 'r' command
drops the redundant X/XX/ prefix
* tolerant when you type one colon instead of two on module names
2005-12-03 Andreas J. Koenig <>
* this is release 1.80
* support for Module::Signature courtesy Autrijus Tang
* separated out new module CPAN::Version that has muchly improved
support for multidot version notation that should make the
deployment of easy for everybody. During the last weeks
the indexer on PAUSE also got improved support and
spits out numified versions. This release is optimized for the new
version handling, regardless if used with or without
(Thanks to John Peacock and to Graham Barr for their help)
* new pragma 'notest' courtesy Slaven Rezic
* support for sudo in the config variable
'make_install_make_command' courtesy Michael Richardson
* new commands 'recent' and 'perldoc' courtesy Toni Prug
* improved wget support for Windows users courtesy Daniel
* cleanup internal use of CPAN::Frontend courtesy David Storrs
* fixes to distro bugs by Adriano Ferreira
* runs under 5.004_05 courtesy Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
* new feature 'show_upload_date': if set to true, all 'm' and 'd'
commands will display the upload date
* fix bug in FirstTime causing endless loop under some conditions
* better completion for config variables and a new warning if an
unregistered config variable is being set
* improved some error messages
* improved help menu (Thanks to David Golden for the suggestion)
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