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[Link+ Catalog] Added a special-case rule to handle a breakage issue …

…with "Summary"/"Cover Image"/"Product Details" hyperlinks on item info pages
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1 parent c54538a commit 6c65c4ca6e624a0a1ee668d07c1768a5d92bbc15 @galenide galenide committed Sep 13, 2012
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  1. +14 −1 src/chrome/content/rules/Link-Plus-Catalog.xml
@@ -1,5 +1,18 @@
<ruleset name="Link+ Catalog">
<target host="" />
+ <!-- The following rule (including the downgrade to HTTP) handles a situation
+ where the user is on the info page for a specific title. (For example, the URL
+ leads to the info page for the book
+ "Introducing Shakespeare" by Nick Groom.) Selecting the image of the book
+ cover causes the view to divide into two frames, such that the lower frame
+ contains an image of the book cover and a number of hyperlinks: "Summary,"
+ "Cover Image," and "Product Details." From what it appears, these hyperlinks
+ will not work unless the rule given below is present (noted on Sept 12, 2012.)
+ -->
+ <rule from="^https://csul\.iii\.com/search~S0\?/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/bibimage($|[^a-zA-Z])"
+ to="$1/$2/$3/bibimage$4" downgrade="1" />
+ <!-- For other situations, simply redirect to HTTPS (as expected.) -->
<rule from="^http://csul\.iii\.com/" to="" />

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