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#!perl -w
# This program check if we are able to talk to ourself. Misconfigured
# systems that can't talk to their own 'hostname' was the most commonly
# reported libwww-failure.
use strict;
require IO::Socket;
if (@ARGV >= 2 && $ARGV[0] eq "--port") {
my $port = $ARGV[1];
require Sys::Hostname;
my $host = Sys::Hostname::hostname();
if (my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => "$host:$port", Timeout => 5)) {
require IO::Select;
if (IO::Select->new($socket)->can_read(1)) {
my($n, $buf);
if ($n = sysread($socket, $buf, 512)) {
exit if $buf eq "Hi there!\n";
die "Seems to be talking to the wrong server at $host:$port, got \"$buf\"\n";
elsif (defined $n) {
die "Immediate EOF from server at $host:$port\n";
else {
die "Can't read from server at $host:$port: $!";
die "No response from server at $host:$port\n";
die "Can't connect: $@\n";
# server code
my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(Listen => 1, Timeout => 5);
my $port = $socket->sockport;
open(CLIENT, qq("$^X" "$0" --port $port |)) || die "Can't run $^X $0: $!\n";
if (my $client = $socket->accept) {
print $client "Hi there!\n";
close($client) || die "Can't close socket: $!";
else {
warn "Test server timeout\n";
exit if close(CLIENT);
die "Can't wait for client: $!" if $!;
die "The can-we-talk-to-ourself test failed.\n";
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