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0.15 2012-02-08
- Small test changes to accomodate latest version of
Module::Implementation. There's no need to upgrade if you're already using
0.14 2012-02-06
- Use Module::Implementation to handle loading the XS or PP versions of the
code. Using this module fixes a few bugs.
- Under taint mode, setting an implementation in the CLASS_LOAD_IMPLEMENTATION
env var caused a taint error.
- An invalid value in the CLASS_LOAD_IMPLEMENTATION env var is now detected
and reported immediately. No attempt is made to load an invalid
0.13 2011-12-22
- Fix some bugs with our use of Try::Tiny. This could cause warnings on some
systems with Class::Load::XS wasn't installed. Fixes RT #72345.
0.12 2011-10-25
- Depend on Module::Runtime 0.011+. This fixes problems with Catalyst under
Perl 5.8 and 5.10.
0.11 2011-10-04
- Don't accept package names that start with a digit. ( Jesse Luehrs )
- Rewrote some of the guts to use Module::Runtime, rather than reimplementing
its functionality. ( Jesse Luehrs )
0.10 2011-09-06
- Make sure the $@ localization doesn't hide errors - invalid module name
errors were being suppressed on perls before 5.14. ( Jesse Luehrs )
0.09 2011-09-05
- Fix is_class_loaded to ignore $ISA (but still look for @ISA) when trying to
determine whether a class is loaded. ( Jesse Luehrs )
- Lots of internals cleanup. ( Jesse Luehrs )
0.08 2011-08-15
- The previous version was missing a prereq declaration for
Data::OptList. Reported by Daisuke Maki and Mark Hedges. RT #70285.
0.07 2011-08-15
- All this module's subroutines now accept optional parameters for a module so
you can write something like - load_class( 'Foo', { -version => 42 } )
- There is now a Class::Load::XS distro available on CPAN which implements
some of this module's code in XS for speed. This code was originally written
by Goro Fuji and Florian Ragwitz for Class::MOP. You need to install this
distro explicitly if you want the XS implementation.
- Added a load_first_existing_class subroutine based, mostly borrowed from
- Fixed a bug where a package with a version object in its $VERSION would not
be seen as loaded. Reported by Chris Prather.
0.06 2010-11-15
- BACK COMPAT CHANGE: Remove $Class::Load::ERROR in favor of a contextual
return value. ( Jesse Luehrs )
- Add load_optional_class($class) that fails only if there is a problem with
the attempted-to-load $class. ( Kent Fredric )
- Force internal require to try-again if we are SURE the class is not
there. This produces reliable errors. ( Kent Fredric )
- Replace Test::Exception with Test::Fatal ( Kent Fredric )
0.05 2009-09-02
- Cargo-cult Class::MOP's is_class_loaded so we work on 5.10
0.04 2008-11-09
- No changes
0.03 2008-11-09
- Dist fix
0.02 2008-11-09
- Declare dependency on Test::Exception
0.01 2008-08-13
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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