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This is the prototype for Dancer2
You can test it with:
$ perl -Ilib ./contrib/
Also the progress of the DSL migration can be checked with ./
And the test coverage ./
*************** FEEDBACK WANTED ******************
The best way to help us with Dancer2 is to test it on existing real-life
You will certainly find something that doesnot work out-of-the box with this
prototype, then send me a report via GitHub's private message service.
*************** Progress *************************
Dancer 2.0 is at 89.83% ( 53 symbols supported on 59)
Dancer 2.0 code-lines ratio: 60.61% (7272/11999)
Missing keywords: error, forward, from_dumper, from_xml, load, load_app,
send_error, send_file, session, to_dumper, to_xml, upload, uri_for
Most ot the plugins on CPAN might not be working as well, feedback welcome