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Revision history for Number::Phone::FR.
0.0814210 2014-08-16 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Change data source input format, following changes by ARCEP since
december 2013.
ARCEP data: 2014-07-29.
Release on "CPAN day". #cpanday
0.0713196 2013-07-27 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2013-07-15.
0.0712272 2012-10-14 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Fix perl 5.8 & 5.10 compatibility issues in regexps. Add regression
testing (using Regexp::Parser) to avoid this later.
ARCEP data: 2012-09-28.
0.0612272 2012-10-12 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-09-28.
0.0612192 2012-08-17 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-07-10.
0.0612174 2012-07-03 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-06-22.
0.0612132 2012-05-12 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Fixes a 5.14 warning about qw() in Build.PL.
ARCEP data: 2012-05-11.
Never pushed to the CPAN.
0.0612093 2012-04-11 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-04-02.
0.0612083 2012-03-24 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-03-23.
0.0612047 2012-02-24 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2012-02-16.
0.0611350 2011-12-21 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2011-12-16.
0.0611311 2011-11-13 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Fix loading of :Full and :Simple (loading was broken since a few
releases, and the tests did not correctly test).
Fix ->operator in :Full (broken since a few releases).
Optimized ->operator: regexp is now a bit shorter, thanks to the sort
of operators by descendant count of blocks handled.
Add "examples/" file.
Add "README" file.
ARCEP data: 2011-11-07.
0.0511217 2011-09-03 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Use \A and \z instead of ^ and $ in regexps.
ARCEP data: 2011-08-05.
0.0411185 2011-08-03 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Forgot to update MANIFEST in 0.03, so french documentation was not
bundled :(
Renamed repository on Github to p5-Number-Phone-FR.
ARCEP data: 2011-07-04.
0.0311185 2011-08-03 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
Minor rework of the documentation.
Added documentation in french.
ARCEP data: 2011-07-04.
0.0211185 2011-07-09 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2011-07-04.
0.0211172 2011-06-24 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
The French Perl Workshop release. See the slides of my presentation
about N::P::FR internals:
ARCEP data: 2011-06-21.
0.0211140 2011-05-29 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
ARCEP data: 2011-05-20.
0.0211122 2011-05-07 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué) Fixed regexp anchoring in operator lookup.
More release tests.
ARCEP data: 2011-05-02.
0.0111101 2011-04-30 DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
First CPAN release.
ARCEP data: 2011-04-11.
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